Cutie Honey


Cutie Honey the movie RULES!.

I went to see Cutie Honey today as a friend had recommended it. I went with no expectations and was totally blown away. One of the best Japanese live action comedy movies I've ever seen.

Cutie Honey is a very famous Japanese Anime character from quite a while back. I believe a few animated movies based on her have made it to the states but not much of the original series.

The movie is made for adults who used to watch the show as a kid, not for kids, and the first 10 minutes of the movie are probably some of the most entertaining stuff I've seen in a long time. Of course the movie is total camp and its energy is not consistant throughout but if you love fun campy movies and you aren't put off by girls in bikinis then I can give it the best recommendation I know how which is that I would happily go pay another 1800 yen to see it again 😊

It's made by the same director as "Red Shadow" which is also made in the same vain. Red Shadow was a disappointment though, probably because the setting was too serious for a comedy. The basic premise of Cutie Honey is itself completely silly so going for total over the top camp really fit this time.


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