Coolest Toys Ever


I mentioned all the cool toys you can find in vending machines here in Japan. Last month my friend showed me these and I just had to go get my own

First, as a fan of the Gamecube Zelda:Wind Waker game I just had to pick up these

Even cooler than them just existing, if you turn the head the eyes move!

They had 5 or 6 different colors, each comes with different mind accessories like the bomb or the fairy etc. They also had about 3 different mouths.

The other cool toy for those into retro gaming is/was these cool miniature NES systems.

They actually had about 8 different toys including the disc system and other variations not seen in America.

Here's a close up of the controllers and carts.

If you look close you can see one cart is Super Mario Bros 3 and the other is Donkey Kong.

Unfortunately as far as I can tell they were a limited release thing and are no longer available. Hmmm, I wonder what they would go for one ebay 😛

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