Coke says "We don't need your stinking suggestions"


The other day I had a stupid idea for the Coca−Cola company so I went to their website, looked up how to contact them and sent them this message

Dear Coca-Cola,

I know that your company probably does not take suggestions but I would really like to see this idea given some thought.

The basic idea is that you could try selling coca-cola brand tea as you do in Japan. I'm sure your at first thought that sounds like it would never fly in America but please hear me out.

First, look at your line up in Japan which is here

7 of those products are Chinese or Japanese tea and at least 4 of them are among the top selling in their category.

As you know, Americans are getting fat. One reason is possibly because they drink so many sweetened drinks. I'm not in anyway suggesting that Coke is bad. I happen to drink Diet Coke nearly every single day. But, I also happen to drink Coca-cola brand teas just as often.

Coca-cola could really start a major trend and major PR campaign if they were to market their own products, the teas, as healthy alternatives to some of the other products on the market. It would be a win for Coca-cola because you would expand the market AND at the same time project an even better image than you already do in helping the situation out and of top of that you'd know you are doing something to help this problem of obesity America seems to be having. You'd also be promoting cultural understanding, the difference between Asian teas and Western Teas. You could even promote the health benefits. The teas in many of those drinks are supposed to prevent all kinds of things from cancer to heart disease etc.

Anyway, please consider it. I would love to come home to the U.S. to find a I don't have to give up my new tea habit 😉

Thank you for listening.

I didn't expect them to take my suggestion but I did at least expect a form letter saying "thank you, we always listen to our customers" even if it was a lie.

Instead I got this

Thank you for contacting our Web site, Mr. Tavares. We appreciate your interest in The Coca-Cola Company.

Because of our worldwide visibility, we receive many unsolicited suggestions from persons outside of our company. We are complimented that our consumers are interested enough in our company to want to help us improve our performance. At the same time, however, we are unable to consider any submissions from persons or business groups outside the company when the submission relates to advertising, sales promotions, formula modifications for any of our brands, or concepts we have previously reviewed.

We recognize that having such a policy may occasionally cause us to miss an opportunity for good suggestions from our friends outside the company. However, experience has shown us that our policy is the best course to follow. The result is that we cannot consider your suggestion.

If you have additional questions or comments, please visit our Web site again.

Greg Industry and Consumer Affairs The Coca-Cola Company

I understand some of the logic behind their decision but it's funny to me if only because a larger company has the opposite policy. Note, Apple is more like Coke, they say "blow it out your ass". And you thought Apple actually listened to their customers.

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