Clinton: Please resign


I really don't see the side of the Clinton supporters.  Whether or not he's a good guy he broke the law and bald faced lied infront of the entire nation.  No one believes him anymore and he can't effectively be leader of the free world because of it.   Practically all the leaders of the world questioned his motives in the recent Iraq bombing.  I'm not saying his motives were bad, I'm not saying he's a bad guy.   What I'm saying is that you can't have the leader of the free world having to deal with those kinds of questions on everybody's minds.  That doesn't mean I'm hoping for a republican win it just means somebody else needs to be running things.  Somebody people can "trust" again.  Is that Gore?  I hope so.

I've heard the arguement that since Bush and Regan didn't get impreached they why should Clinton.  That's a pretty riduculous arguement.  Basically that arguement comes down to if one criminal doesn't get caught or if one criminal doesn't get punished then all criminals should go free?  It should be turned around, Clinton broke the law and should leave.  Bush and Regan, if they broke the law, should have left too.   If we finally nail one of these guys maybe the next guy will think twice before breaking the law.

PS: By the way, if Gore did use the White House for fund raising I have to believe he just plain didn't think/know that it was wrong.  Kind of like being at a new job and making a personal call and being told "you aren't allowed to do that here.   Please use the phone in the lobby for personal calls."  (yes, I work at that kind of company here and although no one actually told me this rule I quickly learned it anyway.)

PPS: Public opinion should be irrelavent in this case.  If he broke the law he needs to be out.  How would you like to explain it to your kids?  Well son, here's how the world works, as long as you are popular to don't have to follow the rules.

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