Punish your toilet!!!

I believe it's originally Chinese but Mabodofu (Mabo Tofu) is this spicy dish made with tofu and a spicy meat sauce.  It's super common in Japan and quite a normal home dinner kind of food.  I love it in the Japanese style in which it is not too spicy.

But, down in Odaiba, at Decks, a large shopping complex, there is this place called Little Hong Kong.  It's the top 2 floors of one of the buildings at Decks.  Those two floors have a theme of Hong Kong and there are around 14 Chinese restaurants.

One of them is this place call Chinmabodofu.

They basically only serve one thing. mabodofu and it's HOT!!!!!!!!  For me it was too hot.  I like spicy food but not so spicy I can't taste it.  After a bite or two I could hardly taste anything and after eating about half I finally decided that I wasn't enjoying it so I stopped.

But, for my friends that go for the spicier the better they love this stuff which is why I gave it a 4.  If you are that type of person this is probably a place you don't want to miss.

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