Changing Tokyo


This page is most for some friends of mine so bare with me.

Tokyo, more than most cities I've been to is under constant change.  Just last year 2 giant complexes opened, Roppongi Hills ("row" like "row your boat", "pon" like "pony", "gee" like "geek) and Shiodome (she−oh−dome−ay).  Old buildings are always getting torn down, new buildings are always going up and businesses come and go with the seasons.

Well, yesterday I was walking from work to Shibuya and I passed by this place with all these different restaurants.  Here are pictures of the interior of the restaurants as captured from pictures on the outside of the building.  To my friends, can you guess where this is?

If you still don't know where it is try this picture

No?  Okay, here's one more.

Got it?  Not yet?  Okay, well, here's one more.  This is from the inside, taken from the elevator.

Give up? Unfortunately I can't seem to find any old pictures from the outside of the building but here are a couple from about 18 months ago from the inside.  Here is one from just outside the elevator looking down.

and here is one looking from the 8th floor to the 7th and 6th where I used to work.

This building is where United Gaming Artists and Wow Entertainment, two of Sega's studios used to be until July 2002. A large percentage of AM2 was also in this building. Each of the floors has now become one of the restaurants shown above. The building belonged to our parent company at the time who decided to sell it to someone else and tell us to take a hike so we all moved and now instead of us making entertainment for people in that building we can go there to be entertained 😊

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