Chan Dara / Chan Darette


Chan Dara is a small Thai restaurants that was introduced to me by Giant Robot magazine which described it as, the place where the waitresses look like Asian fashion models.  Of course I had to check that out and guess what, it was true.  Fortunately the food was good too.  I'm not sure if this is "authentic" but I like it.

There are 3 that I know of.  One is in Hollywood.  This one is kind of cool in a nice little neighborhood on Larchmont just north of Beverly.  Another is in the Santa Monica area on Pico just west of Bundy.  Avoid this one. The area is not cool and I always feel creeped out there.  The 3rd is in Marina Del Rey.  Click here for directions.  It's called Chan Darett though I haven't really figured out the difference.

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