Cell Phone Video Editing


My friend Colin just picked up the J-Phone Toshiba T-08. It was the first 240x320 display phone out in Japan. J−Phone was the first company to successfully push taking pictures with your phone in Japan and although AU was the first to push taking movies with your phone I think J−Phone was the first to really be successful with it.

But, this J−Phone T−08 is insane! It's got COMPLETE VIDEO EDITING BUILT IN! Most of the cameras that take movies just take the movie. Once you've taking it you can send it to someone or pull it into your computer but that's about it.

The T−08 lets you edit. You can splice multiple clips together, trim them to just the parts you want, put on graphic and text overlays, re−dub your sound track, add sound effects triggered to any frame, add background music, cuts, etc. It's crazy!

Yes I know that's total overkill. Nobody needs to edit video on their cell phone. Still, it sounds pretty fun. Not only that but I can envision much like the photo-moblogging thing going on now someone could start video−moblogging.

I've never owned a phone with movie capabilities so maybe these kind of features are available on more than just this phone. In fact, generally when one makes some features those features get added to all their newer phones. Toshiba makes the T−09 already and one of the FOMA 3G phones. I wonder if they have the same features.

My friend who happens to be into video editing is going to cut some movies together that he's made while out and about. As soon as he does I'll post some links here.

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