Cell Phone Movie Mail


J−Phone, the company that really brought about the camera in cell phone revolution in Japan now has short movie clips.

The pictures didn't take off until about 6 months after they came out when J−Phone produced a great ad campaign called "Sha−mail". Sha = the first half of the word for photograph in Japanese which is Shashin. The short movie clip they are calling "Movie−Sha Mail". Personally I think like the first one, it will not take off until they give it a better name and ad campaign. I think they should call it "Shaga−mail". The ga being the second half of "eiga", the word for movie.

It seems like this could take off. At least relative to other kinds of movie clips. For example the movie clips in my digital camera are like 1meg each. Sending them in e−mail they are too large and besides I have to plug it into a computer to use it. Built into the cell phone though just shoot and mail. Maybe I'll have to get one if I stick around.

Of course they use a proprietary format. There is a player though at least for PC.

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