Grimes, c


I listen to the Mindscape podcast which at least until now has seemed mostly about science related topics but this latest one was an interview with musician who formerly called herself 'Grimes'. Apparently she started with GarageBand and worked up to her present successful music career.

She brought up a lot of interesting ideas.

Anyway, it was an interesting interview.


How much longer will most unskilled jobs exist?


This is totally off the wall but a link on Hacker News about leaving at 5pm and a response to that link got me wondering, just how much longer will most unskilled jobs continue to exist.

For example, how much longer is the job of convenience store clerk even going to exist? Already most major supermarkets have self−serve checkout lines. Could a convenience store just have self service checkout? Of course there is the issue of security. Who's to prevent people from just walking out with the goods. But let's go a little further.




Do Tugboats still exist? I'm curious because when I went to Odaiba which is manmade island in Tokyo Harbor and there are lots of big ports out there.

I saw an enormous ship clearing parking by itself. It occured to me that maybe with GPS and computers these big ships can basically park themselves now. No need for Tugboats anymore. How do I find out if this is true? Maybe it's only true in Japan or maybe it was just that ship.

I searched for Tugboats on but nothing relevant came up