6955 plus


My friend 6955 has finally started a real blog. He also recently switched from making live music with 3 Gameboys to making live music with 8 Famicoms and a video multiplexer that shows all the screens as he plays them. Check him out!


Corporal Dan


A friend of mine made this back in his college days. Check it out.


Cool Art


One of my co−workers in Japan, just a few weeks before I left, told me he was having a exhibition in Ginza of some of his work.  I had no idea what to expect but as I wanted to support my friend and I didn't have any other plans I thought I'd check it out.

Boy, I was completely blown away.  His creations were amazing.  He said that he would love to do this full time but I didn't think he could quite support himself doing this so he had a job a Sega.

Here are some examples of his work.


Miki and Yuki


my1s.jpg (11559 bytes)my4s.jpg (11938 bytes)

Yuki is on the left, Miki is on the right.

My roommate, Yuki, and her friend Miki asked me to put their pictures on the net for their match.com profiles.

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