Death of the Camera getting closer


Last summer I predicted 1megapixel cellphone cameras would be out by this summer. Well, I was right! 😊 J−Phone has the new Sharp J-SH53 and Docomo has 8 new 505 models 3 of which have 1megapixel cameras. (one is even 1.3 megapixels)


The End of the Camera


Just like the traditional film based industry is quickly dying since people are using digital cameras and don't need film anymore I think the digital camera industry might be in for some hard times too.


Designer Cameras


Fashion and style being important in Japan, the fashion bug has finally found the cameras.

Recently I saw the Toshiba Sora.


DCViews (Digital Camera views)


Here's a site on Digital Cameras. The seem to carry links to info about the various digital cameras all over the net as well as digital camera news.


Digital Film Flim Flam?


Digital Photography Review just had a comparison of several different CompactFlash cards. The interesting thing is, the cards labeled as 8 times faster like the Lexar cards or the new SanDisk Ultra cards didn't actually perform any faster in their tests. In fact they performed SLOWER!!! That makes me wonder, why do Lexar cards still cost over twice as much as non Lexar cards here in Japan?


Is digital cheaper than traditional photography?


I priced out my digital camera the other day. Here's how I came up.

For the year 2000: 3000 pictures taken

with Digital Camera
 $600 Digital Camera
$250 CD-Burner
$300 Memory cards
  $40 Recharable Batteries
$1190 Total
with Traditiona Camera
$100 Camera
$80 Film (40rolls x 120) ($2 per roll?)
$240 Developing ($6 per roll?)
$420 Total

Nikon Coolpix 5000


Maybe this is what I should get. It's the new Nikon Coolpix 5000. It's still got a swivel display but it looks like a regular camera most of the time (which is good for when you ask somebody else to take the picture since they never seem to get it otherwise)

It doesn't look like it's too big (see the comparision picture to the 995)

And, it's got a optional grip handle that you can put 6 AA batteries in so it solves the battery problem too 😉