Busy and Broken


My ISP has been having problems with my site and I've been wondering if I'm going to have to switch again. I hope not. This time is that I'm using a static IP address and I guess I must be their only customer that is doing this and so they are finding the way their stuff is configured is having issues. I guess they are trying to work it out but so far it seems like it's up for 2 days, down for 2 days, up for 2 days, down for 2 days.

So, when I feel like posting the site as been down, otherwise I've been busy. Partly we are re−doing Tokyopia.com to use MovableType since the guys think they would update more if they had that system. MovableType is easy to setup but I also wanted to integrate our forum system into it and that took a few nights of work.

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