Best of Thai Noodle


I don't know of it's authentic and I don't know how to the noodles are but if you want something to come back for at Best of Thai Noodle, order their "roast duck over rice". That is heaven on a plate. I keep thinking I should order something else but I know my friend is going to order the duck over rice and then I'm going to be jealous.

I have had their larb and their fishcake salad. They were both unsurprising (read good but not exceptional) Their chicken wings in their appetizer section were pretty tasty too.

The #1 reason we go here is because they are open late (1:30am?) as I often get back to the city after 9:30pm when most other places are closed. At the same time the duck over rice is so good we always look forward to going.

If you order something else well, all bets are off but order the duck over rice and see if you don't agree.

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