Being Inconsiderate


Excuse the swearing. I thought about editing this but decided this is how I wanted it. Raw.

Just in case you haven't actually thought about what being "inconsiderate" means it means "to not consider". I'm going to assume you believe that being inconsiderate is bad, dickish, not cool, something your parents tried to raise you not be. So why is it sooooo many people are so fucking inconsiderate? I suppose it comes from the definition .... they don't consider. They are too self centered and selfish to consider others or just oblivious. What am I talking about? Let's take some examples.

I ride a company shuttle to work. The 9am shuttle is generally close to full. I get on at the first stop when no one is on the bus. The bus has 2 seats on either side of the aisle. Most people take the seat close to the window leaving room for those who are going to get on the bus later. But a few assholes take aisle seats setting their bags on the seat by the window without considering that the bus is going to get full. By being selfish assholes they force people to take other seats, seats in the sun on the sunny side of the bus, seats in the back where it's impossible to work as it bounces so much, or they make people ask "can I please use that seat?" which to the person asking usually feels awkward like they are putting someone out. They shouldn't feel that way because they are taking to a selfish inconsiderate jerk but because they themselves are considerate they didn't want to have to ask in the first place. If you're riding a shuttle or bus, take the seat by the window. If the bus has passed the last pickup and the seat next to you is still available feel free to scoot over to the aisle or use both seats but before that don't be a dick. Apparently people complained about this because at one point they put stickers all over the buses, "Don't be an Edgehog".

How about another? Pedestrians who cross against the light or cross extremely late. I look at it this way. Traffic lights are designed to facilitate sharing. Remember Sesame Street teaching us to share and cooperate? When the light turns green it's like someone saying "It's your turn now." and saying to the people who get the red light "Remember to share, let the others have their turn." And yet these assholes never learned that message. To them, they are the most important person in the world and everyone else can just fuck off. That's really selfish and inconsiderate. It's one thing to cross if there is no one around but if you cross against the light or cross late so that you force others who have the right of way to wait then you're taking their turn. You're being selfish and inconsiderate. Wait your turn like you were taught by your parents. That's how societies function. People cooperate and share.

Don't even get me started on cyclists. Especially in SF. I'm guessing 9 of 10 don't stop and stop signs or traffic lights. FUCKING WAIT YOUR TURN!!! Riding a bike does not give you special permission to break all traffic rules.

Another? How many of you are too tough to use an umbrella? You probably think of it as a badge of honor, "I'm so cool I don't need an umbrella". Well guess, what? Did you ever consider that once you arrive at your destination it might be inconsiderate to DRIP ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE? Your clothing is drenched, your hair is dripping and you're getting things all wet all because you only though of yourself trying not to look whimpy by using an umbrella. Or maybe you just didn't want to have to carry it all day. Well, tough shit! You're being an inconsiderate dickwad dripping all over whatever store, office, restaurant or house you arrive at.

Here's another stupid one. Taking forever at a buffet. We have cafeterias at work and there will often be 20−50 people in one of the many lines. Quite often someone in the line is filling their plate one teaspoon at a time. FUCKING TAKE A SCOOP AND MOVE ON! Holding up 50 people so you can dish out one macaroni noodle at a time is FUCKING INCONSIDERATE! If you're that damn picky then maybe you should schedule your lunch when you aren't inconveniencing so many people.

While I'm on the cafe thing, the cafe I eat at most often is extremely full. There are never enough seats to seat everyone. There are about 12 six person booths. And yet, every day I see several of these booths occupied by 2 or LESS people! WTF? Can you not look around you and see that 50+ people are looking for a place to sit and here you are taking up 6 spots with only 1 or 2 people? That's pretty much the definition of "not considering".

Another and maybe it's just the way I was raised. My dad taught me when waiting for an elevator, stand to the side as people are likely to be getting out. The same holds true for trains and subways. People are going to be getting off. When waiting to get in, don't stand in the middle of the door way or rush on the train. Get the FUCK OUT OF THE WAY and let people get off first.

I've probably bitched about this one but what is it about certain cultures that so many inconsiderate men feel they have to destroy public bathrooms? The number of public men's bathrooms I've seen that were messed up is far larger than the number that weren't. Broken doors, broken seats, seats that are peed all over, toilets clogged with TP, it's fucking messed up. It's like 9 out of 10 men were raised by dogs or something. Actually it's probably only 1−3 out of 10 but it only takes a few assholes to ruin it for everyone else. This is probably my bias but I have this stereotype that most of this comes from jock assholes who are actually closet sissies. They are afraid of someone seeing their tiny cocks so they use a stall instead of the urinal to hide themselves. Then they pee all over the place and flush with their piss covered shoe as a means of feeling macho. I don't have any actual data to back this up but my own anecdotal accounts is that 19 times out of 20 it's the jock asshole that uses the stall instead of the urinal. I keep hoping Andy Samberg would figure out some viral video song to shame jock assholes from using the stalls as they do and ruining it for the rest.

Peace out! 😉

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