BCD Tofu House: The 24 hour Korean Tofu Soup place


This is not the first place I've had "jige" (jee gay) said very quickly.  I don't know really how to pronounce the food I ate.  I think "jige" just means soup.

But basically it's Tofu soup.  It's served in an hot iron bowl and you need to put a napkin to prevent the boiling splattering soup from getting all over your clothes.  For those that think tofu is awful I suggest you try this because hot and in soup it tastes pretty much like eggs.  On top if which when I had "jige" I had an raw egg with it.  The soup is boiling so when you put the egg in it it pretty much cooks immediately.

It's more than just tofu and soup though.  You have to choose what kind of things you want in your soup.  Pork, Chicken etc...  If you like spicy I suggest you go for Kim Chee Tofu Jige.

Bangkok West
Cafe 50's