Battle Royale


My friend Tom told me about a movie he heard about called Battle Royale so I checked it out. It's about a group of bad high school students who because they are bad (as in stabbing, stealing, bullying) they are all taken to a small island where they are forced to take part in a game.

They are each wearing a collar that will explode if they go on the wrong parts of the island. Which parts will be announced every 6 hours. They have 3 days to kill each other, last one alive gets to go home. If more than 1 person is still alive at the end of the 3 days all their collars will explode.

They are then each given a backpack with some food and a weapon. Each pack has a different weapon. Some not offensive.

I have to admit there was some guilty pleasure in watching a bunch of deliquents kill each other. There's alot you have to over look. For example you pretty much have to just except the premise. But over all it was interesting and certainly a different idea.

One thing different about Japanese action/horror movies, there's alot more blood. American action movies generally shy away from blood where as American horror movies always show gross but unbelievable stuff but Japanese movies show lots of shockingly disturbing scenes of neck cutting. 🤢