Bai Wan Zhu Kuai Lou


Looking for a Chinese food fix and don't mind paying for it check out Bai Wan Zhu Kuai Lou.

My friends recommended this place for their tantanmen which is a kind of spicy noodle dish.  Personally I like Xi'an Toshoumen for tantanmen but still, I missed the kind of Chinese food I'm used to in L.A.  I'm not talking about the crap at Panda Express.  I'm talking about all the good Chinese food in Monterey Park for example.  I'd been in Tokyo for over 2 years and still had not had any Chinese food I actually enjoyed until this place.

The best was their Peking Duck.  Just the skin, some sauce and some small onions or lemon grass I think.  Ahh!, I can't even write about it without my mouth starting to water!!!!  It's all a little on the expensive side but if you don't mind that you might want to give it a try.  It's in Akasaka.

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