Ay-Chung Noodle (阿宗麵線)


I've looked for food like this since I moved to the Bay area. This is the first place to actually deliver.

Ay Chung Noodle (阿宗麵線)

I'm going to guess they have their off days seeing how busy they are. In fact we arguably had some pretty bad service. 6 of us went. They brought the first 3 people's food and forgot about the other 3. We finally reminded them 10 minutes later and they got 2 more but again forgot one person. Another 10 minutes we finally reminded them again and got the final food.

On the other hand it as all pretty delicious to me. They brought us free dessert as well to apologise for being late. Good food and politeness = apology excepted.

I'm definately going back

I had the kouroufan (Stewed Pork Rice). In Japanese we would call it Buta−no−kakuni (豚角煮) but my understanding is it's originally from Taiwan.

魯肉飯?I think it was $4. I couldn't wait so that picture is already half eaten.

My friends ordered various combos. For like $6 they got all this food.

a comboEven their pearl milk tea (珍珠奶茶) was like double the normal size.

Supposedly this is a popular chain from Taiwan and there are a several locations in the states now including one in Irvine. There's a very interesting story about it here.

Well, after 3 times there and trying a few different dishes I have to lower my rating. I'll go back because the Pork Stew Rice is so awesome but every time we've gone they've screwed up our orders and the other dishes I've tried have not been so good.

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