I found this site today called audioscrobbler while I was searching on Google Japan for 小島麻由美 (Kojima Mayumi) since I went to her concert yesterday which Rocked!

This page came up. The page shows what that guys listens to by band. His #1 band as of today is Pizzicato Five, also one of my favorites and his second is 小島麻由美.

The piqued my interest so I checked out the site. It's a service that tracks what you are listening to. It does this with plugins for iTunes, WMP, Winamp, etc. What's the point? Well:

*) It can tell you other people that listen to similar music (to make friends)

*) You can look at what they are listening to and find other bands they like which since your tastes are similar might be something you'll like

*) You can have it recommend stuff for you (it basically probably just looks at other people's lists for you )

Here's my list. Note that I just started using it today so I don't have enough info in there for it to recommend anything.

They even offer some XML and RSS based services so maybe I'll whip something up to display that info here. 😊

Maywa Denki