Are You His #2 Girl


Rank Kingdom (ランク王国) is this program I enjoy that ranks random stuff. Every week they cover the top selling comics, games and videos but they also have just completely random stuff. This week for example they had top concerts of 2004, top jigsaw puzzles, top famous people that would best to appear on the new Japanese currency and finally this:

彼にとって二番目 which translated basically means, "I am his #2 girl".

From my American point of view this seemed pretty messed up! The question was basically, what percentage of girls are some guy's #2 girl. Meaning he has another girlfriend who he considers #1!!! WTF!

Even more surprising is the number. Of 150 girls they interviewed 32% or 1/3 of them said they were #2. Note that that doesn't mean only 1/3rd of the guys have 2 or more girlfriends, it means of these girls, the ones where the guy has more than 2 girlfriends, 1/3rd of them are #2. That means the actual number of girls dating a guy that has more than 1 girlfriend is more than 33%!!!!

Obviously this kind of stuff happens for some people in the west but I've almost never heard of it. If they guy (or girl) is seeing someone else your out of there! More than a 1/3rd of all of those girls surveyed are dating a guy with more than one girlfriend? What kind of society am I living in?

Interviewing the girls a few of them said what I used to assume was normal as in "there's no way I could be with a guy that had more than 1 girlfriend" but several of them were like "yea, I'm #2 and I'm hoping to be #1 someday if I try hard enough". Others were like "Yea, well, come this experience I've learned that whatever is fine, I don't care". And you wonder why sometimes I'm a little scaried of Japanese women 😞

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