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I'm Gregg. I get called Greggman or GMan or GT and I'm sure other things I probably don't want to know.

This page isn't really all about me. I think this page is probably one of the first pages I made for this website in 1997 when it was just about 7 pages of random stuff. If you really want to know about me just read more of the site and I'm sure you'll get some idea of me. A few places to start might be Games-O-The-Greggman and although this is probably embarrassing, my dating page.

For the past 6 years I've been living in Tokyo Japan learning Japanese. I'm currently working at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and was a programmer on LocoRoco for the PSP.

I've been programming videos games since 8th grade. Professionally I've been doing it over 23+ years. Sometimes I think it's time to try something else but so far I haven't been able to figure out what. I know making games inside and out.

I like creating things. Programming is like having a robot construction set. You get to build something and it actually moves and does something. Of course sometimes only a programmer can see or imagine the wheels turning inside the code but still it feels good to be creative so often.

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