Alan Wong's


I've been meaning to go to Alan Wong's Restaurant in Hawaii ever since I saw his beautiful cookbook in a bookstore in LA a few years ago but everytime I've come to Hawaii there has always been some reason not to go. Too tired, Don't feel like dressing up, Tutu doesn't want to go.

Well This time I made the effort and boy I sure didn't know what I was missing.

First off, Alan Wong's food is not your normal fare. In other words don't expect to eat things you would eat at other restaurants like a steak or a lobster etc. That doesn't mean he doesn't use that kind of stuff but it means that you won't find something simple, like a burger, on the menu.

We opted for the 7 course chef sampler. There are two samplers on the menu. One is a 5 course sampler. The details of that one are listed on the menu. You can order it with or without wine. If you order it with wine each of the 5 courses comes with a different wine.

The 7 course sampler is a complete surprise, different every time.

Our first course was an itty bitty sandwich made with foiegras, kalua pig, mazz cheese and also a yellow and red tomato soup. Mmmmm Mmmmm!! It was really good.

Next we had a Day Boat Scallop w non' wrapped in Ahi and cavier with a soy wasabi sauce. To die for!!!!!

We were then treated to shrimp and shitake flan with truffle and soy.

Course 4 was Moi steamed with shrimp, pork hash, steamed ginger, veges, ginger soy and truffle broth

Following that we had butter poached lobster with a lemongrass black been lobster sauce and corn and soy bean relish.

The last dinner item was Xaiwe grilled lamb with a honey, coconut, macademia nut crust, and garlic mashed potatoes and some veges. Simply to die for.

Finally we eat got a four sample dessert which I can barely begin to describe. Strawberry sorbet, Apricot creme brulee, chocolate cream cake and coconut ice cream in a chocolate and nut egg shell.

So far this was clearly the best dinner I have ever had. I will definately return.

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