Air conditioning


What is it about trains, malls and department stores that they can't set the damn thermostat in Spring and Fall and on any day that's out of the ordinary.

What do I mean? Well, it seems they all have the heaters turned on for Winter even though today was like 75 and sunny and everybody is acutally hot and sweaty. Then you walk into a department store and it's clear the heater is ON!!! Hello!!! Is anybody awake? Didn't somebody bother to check the weather today!!! Digital Hollywood's snackbar area also has the heater blasting. There's nothing in this world that makes more grumpy and pissed of then being hot and sweaty when I don't want to be hot and sweaty.

I have a feeling it's one of those distributed responsibility problems. In other words it takes a committee to decide months in advance what the thermostat will be set at, whether the heater or the air conditioner will be on for the next month etc. So, when the weather doesn't match the guess of the committee, no single person will take responsibility and set it to something comfortable.

I've got a suggestion. RAGE!! When you are hot and sweaty and it's more hot and sweaty inside the store just RAGE and start breaking stuff. When you get arrested, shout and scream about how it's too friggin hot in the place and that made you go nuts. After a few monthly news stories like that maybe the department stores will figure out that if they don't want raging lunatics to mess up their stores they should SET THE DAMN THERMOSTAT!!! UHH UHH UHHHHH (like Sam Kinison)

Just kidding of course 😉

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