A Very Happy Birthday to Me!


Sometimes it seems like I'm the luckiest guy on the planet.

I made a new friend a year ago in Japan, Kyoko, and through her I met several other people. One of them, a girl named Rumi. My favorite joke "Rumi's Roomie's Roomie's Rumi." We were not more than acquaintances in Japan. Basically I only saw her through my larger circle of friends. One of them would suggest going clubbing and Rumi was always there.

Well, when I announced I was moving to San Francisco, Rumi contacts me out of the blue and tells me she's moving there too and that we should hang out.

She got here around May and since then my life has been much fuller. She's the type of person who makes tons of friends and she invites them out on weekends so on those weekends when I manage to extract myself from work we've had some great times thanks to her.

Sometime in July she announced she wanted to plan a birthday party for me. Why I have no idea but that's two years in a row some female friend who has no interest in me wants to plan my birthday party. What's up with that?

Anyway, she organized it all and with the help of another friend, Jane, 16 or so people showed up at my apartment yesterday and gave me the best present I person can get on their birthday. The company of loving friends.

But, she not only did that, She contacted a ton of my friends in Japan and had them email birthday wishes for me. She then printed them all out and along with pictures of sexy models, pasted them all in a large scrapbook and surprised me with it at the party. It was so awesome reading all their messages. I can't believe how much I miss them all.

Thank you so much Rumi! You are amazing! And also, thank you Jane for everything. You two are the brightest sparkles in my life right now.

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