"Nice" means Stupid


According to Trivia no Izumi, the original meaning of the word "nice" is "stupid". So, looking it up apparently they are right.

They looked it up in the Oxford dictionary where it says original senses included stupid and coy, reserved: from Latin nescius ‘ignorant’ but even according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it means foolish as well as picky. 2 uses I've never heard in my life. I've only heard it uses as 5,6 and 7 below

Main Entry: nice
Pronunciation: 'nIs
Function: adjective
Inflected Form( s): nicキer; nicキest
Etymology: Middle English, foolish, wanton, from Old French, from Latin nescius ignorant, from nescire not to know -- more at NESCIENCE
2 a : showing fastidious or finicky tastes : PARTICULAR <too nice a palate to enjoy junk food> b : exacting in requirements or standards : PUNCTILIOUS <a nice code of honor>
3 : possessing, marked by, or demanding great or excessive precision and delicacy <nice measurements>
4 obsolete : TRIVIAL
5 a : PLEASING, AGREEABLE <a nice time> <a nice person> b : well-executed <nice shot> c : APPROPRIATE, FITTING <not a nice word for a formal occasion>
6 a : socially acceptable : WELL-BRED <from a nice family> b : VIRTUOUS, RESPECTABLE <was taught that nice girls don't do that>
7 : POLITE, KIND <that's nice of you to say>
synonym see CORRECT
- nice adverb
- niceキly adverb
- niceキness noun

Adds an entirely new dimension to the saying "you're so nice" 😛

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