3D Cell Phone


This is the cell phone with 3D built in. Here are some sample images and various currently available 3D games and 2D games as well as Space Channel 5. Here's also a movie of a 2D baseball game.

I checked then out today for real. The 3D was running around 15 to 20hz. Fast enough to be mostly smooth and responsive. I also tried out Tetris and Space Invaders. Yea, I know they are simple games but still there's something cool about playing them on a cell phone.

I'm still not entirely sure the whole subscription thing works. That's how most of the commerical games are run. $1 to $3 a month. When you first try to play the game you have to enter your PIN# to get access. That makes it expensive to try out lots of different games but then I guess it's no more expensive then renting lots of PS1 or PS2 games to check them out.

Viruta Fighters 4
walking on the moon