3 Minutes Happiness


There's a chain of stores in Japan called Comme Ca Mode. They are fairly stylish and clean though the clothes are mostly ordinary and overpriced. They are popular, have stores everywhere and though they started with clothes they often sell lots of other things from stationary to toiletries etc. In some stores they even sell ice cream and they now have a cafe chain too.

Wandering though Shibuya I stumbled upon their latest thing, Three Minutes Happiness

I guess the idea is that you enter the store and within 3 minutes you'll be happy. 😊 I was happy just to see it, it didn't take a whole 3 minutes. 😃

It's kind of like an upscale 99 cent store. They have stuff at various prices but it's all pretty cheap

I actually spent about 15 minutes in there. Does that mean I failed or did I get happiness times 5? I didn't buy anything. Maybe you have to buy something every 3 minutes in order to be happy. Unforunately I couldn't find anything I really needed, even for a dollar, mostly because I already have the stuff they were offering. Either that or because it was all crap.

One thing that was kind of funny, they had several super market refrigerator shevles. Think cheese or milk aisle of your local super market. But, instead of being filled with food they were filled with stuff like notebooks or t−shirts or underpants. Kind of weird to pull out some underware from the frozen section. Are they trying to tell me something 😃

Aranzi Aronzo