31 flavors ... of toothpaste!!!


I saw an ad for this on the train today. It's 31 flavors of toothpaste!. Make sure your breath matches your mood or your outfit 😉

You know it doesn't really seem like that bad on an idea. Why is almost all toothpaste minty? Yes, I know some kids toothpaste is fruity flavored but I think it might actually be nice to pick a different flavor once in a while.

Some of the flavors they provide are: light salt, tropical pine, peppermint, fresh yogurt, rose, monkey banana, honey, cafe au lait, apple, vanilla, strawberry, california orange, kyoto style green tea, lavender, daijirin tea , cinnamon, lemon tea, bitter chocolate, blueberry, caramel, espresso, grapefruit, cola. You know maybe on second thought you should just eat those things to have your breath smell like that 😐

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