10 Dead 90 injured leaving Fireworks Show


You can read some of the details here but in Japan they have famous fireworks festivals all summer long. I'm planning to go to my first one next weekend. It's the biggest in Japan with around 20000 fireworks!!! They go off constantly for an hour and a half!!

The funny to me the title of the article above says "In Tokyo". Would you call a place 400 miles from Tokyo "In Tokyo"? Maybe because of this incident less people will go to the big one next weekend but I doubt it. The one next weekend is on a river and there are 3 or 4 ways to get there. There's pretty much one every weekend until September here in and around Tokyo.

I could have gone to one in front of Landmark Tower this weekend but I didn't want to go alone. That one had about 7000 fireworks.

Tokyo Miraikan
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