Does anybody know if this Xylitol stuff is for real? They have started advertising like crazy here in Japan.

According to the website, Xylitol is a kind of sugar like Sorbitol. Unlike sugar though the bacteria that eat your teeth don’t like it and so supposedly, chew gum with Xylitol in it will give you better teeth. They want you to chew quite alot too. Basically anytime you eat anything with sugar in it they claim you should chew a stick or two which they claim is like 10 sticks a day. If they could get everybody to do it that would be like $30 a month from each person at one pack a day.

It all sounds kind of fishy which is why I’m asking

  • BionicRoach

    I have worked at a health food store for several years and I know that the Xylitol gum has been around for a long time. In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration is pretty strict about exactly what can be said when making health claims on products, so the claims made about the gum here are more along the lines of “does not promote tooth decay” rather than “helps stop or reverse tooth decay” or anything insinuating that chewing the gum will actually improve your teeth or make them stronger or what have you. It seems like it is promoted more as a natural alternative to chewing gum sweetened with something like nutra-sweet. In that sense, it probably is a lot better for you than ingesting chemicals. I would basically say the benefits depend on how often you normally like to chew gum. If you chew gum all the time, then of course it would be better to chew this gum than sugared or artificial gum, but if you aren’t really going to be chewing it all the time, then IMHO you would probably get the same or better benefits from just brushing or flossing your teeth more often. In my case, no matter what I do I always seem to get cavities anyway… 🙁

    Also – in my experience, you NEED to chew at least 10 sticks a day of Xylitol gum because the flavor sure doesn’t last very long!

  • kongorilla
    Xylitol Info

    here’s a short description of xylitol’s benefits and one side effect.

  • anon_DM
    Xylitol Bacteria

    I learned about it when my 7mo old was having ear infections. tried antibiotics once and the ear infection came back stronger. The Xclear nasal wash cleared out all bacteria from his gestation tube. Never had to use antibiotics again.

    We chew the gum, replace all our sugar needs with it. The last two times a cold partially caught me I used Xyitol nasal clear and never had any congestion.. I swear by the stuff..

    Norway and Sweeden are way ahead of us, they make the best candies out it..


  • mare

    I work as a chef at a natural health foods store and try to keep up on the latest in health/nutrition.

    If xylitol is considered a phyto-chemical then it can be added to the healthy benefits of nutracuticals; an industry that is blowing the doors off the Western medical methods of treating the symptom of disease rather than getting to the root of the problem and fixing the cellular level and really healing the body and not just masking the disease/difficulty.

  • rachelB
    i use it all the time

    it is really and truly as good as they say!  you can bake with it just as if it were sugar and it turns out the SAME texture, taste, etc as if you used sugar.  how many substitutes can you say that about!!  the only thing  about it is the high price but if you buy in bulk online you can find some good deals.  you might want to use half sugar and half xylitol in some recipes to save expense, it just depends on how badly you are trying to eliminate sugar or just cut down sugar in your case. 

  • Information about Xylitol

    This website discusses what Xylitol is and how it affects those who consume it.  The website offers many great articles that talk about products including Xylitol.  I think you will find some answers to your question if you visit the site. 

    Best Wishes!

  • Oops

    I posted  a comment with the link to the wrong web page.  This is the correct page that discusses Xylitol.