Why do people like to dance?

I’ve almost always had a problem getting into dancing. I see people do it but I find it embarrasing myself. The most fun I’ve had dancing was at a Aquabats concert which is ska music so just jumping around in the crowd is enough. The other time was at a rave where basically I could just close my eyes and shake to the music and or wave my glow sticks aruond but at least tune out everybody else.

My question is, what do most people get out of it? One friend of mine said there are two reasons to go dancing. One, to pick up / be picked up. The other is purely to dance. It’s that second one I have a hard time excepting. If that’s the case, why not just dance at home alone with headphones on? It seems to me there’s more to it. Is it showing off your sexiness? Is that not really a form of #1? I feel like if I could find the reason that is not #1 above I could get into more.

I don’t know why exactly it should matter except that to pick up / be picked up is a very self-conscience thing where as it would seem like whatever this other reason I don’t yet understand might remove some of the self-consciousness. Is there any other activity that it’s similar to? Eating has a purpose. Solving puzzles, playing games, reading, sports etc all seem to have a more easy to define reason for me.

Is dancing really just a mating ritual? Does that sum it up or is there more to it?

Speak up 😉

  • tomm
    dance imho

    what do i get out of dancing? not much, bordering on nothing. maybe to gloat in front of my mates if i score a goal against them in footie, but otherwise nothing.

    my gf dances loads and she loves it which is how iv come across this site. im desperatly trying to understand this aspect of her. But it doesnt matter how much stuff i read i always seem to end at the opinion that dancers, (particularly the choreographed ‘so you think u can dance’ types) are ultimatly attention whores. And this being the case i get the feeling that they never really grew up or became independent adults without the need for such comfort/reassurance/acceptance/attention – am i wrong? 

    What im saying is when i see people dance (particularly when they clearly think they look cool – whether they do or not is not the point) i cant help but be reminded of a baby screaming at me becasue it wants me to play with it – or change its nappy.

    she is an only child, and therefore is, and always has been very much the centre of the universe as far as she is concerned.in contrast i was brought up with a harsh bully of an older brother and a mostly apethetic struggling mother. And to imagine that there would be any sort of provisions made for such artistic expression (nonsense) is, well.. unimaginable.

    so to summerise, i really really dont like extroverts especially dancers. they get on my tits.

    ignorance is bliss. And you have a big grin on your face

  • Sam

    It’s a social activity you enjoy with your friends. Imagine the difference between having to eat at home alone and going out with friends for dinner/lunch?

  • Mahika

    Why do people like to dance?
    Well i guess everyone has their own reason to that. I for one use dance as a way to just let go, Yes like a stress-reliever. I dance alone in my room when im unhappy, think of new steps. Basically, to me dancing is a from of expressing myself. I am actually doing a project on this and would appreciate for your feedback on weather you agree that dance could be used as a form of expression.moving to a beat is perhaps the most basic of all expressions available to human beings today.

  • Kurt

    Dance is an activity intended to remove the dancer from reality for a short amount of time, as they focus all their brainpower into making coordinated movements. It’s kind of like playing video games or watching a movie. The only point is to momentarily escape reality and live inside the inner-cyberspace of your mind’s contemplation, but it has the added benefit of potentially getting you laid. People who look good dancing are completely tuned out to what’s going on around them. It’s like entering a trance and letting your imagination take over. If you have taken the time to find reason in dancing, you are probably not a good dancer. Haha… there is no reasoning behind the dance itself. That’s the point.

  • “To just let go…”

    This implies removing all outward thoughts of reality and focusing on the movements of dancing. I think humans developed dance when they started to try out entheogenic drugs many thousands of years ago. They put themselves into a drugged trance and went fucking nuts and started copulating freely. All the ape-like introverts stayed away from that shit, and so humanity was born as the product of the psychedelic mushroom’s pattern induction. All the cool people did mushrooms, sang, danced, and developed cultural imperatives out of deep, introspective meditation while under the influence of drugs, while the more animal-minded went to go eat some bugs… lol

    The funniest part is that the leader of the tribe is always the spiritual advisor/shaman, who trips his balls off constantly and chants the mythologies to himself, to which a song is often made that people dance to as they also trip balls.

    I would put money on that theory.

  • Xana

    What Kurt said!! I LOVE to dance, and I’m an introvert with a capital “I” (INTP). I’ve always been good at dancing & art. I’m one of those freaks who can truly feel music and let it flow through my body. I’ll never stop, not even when I’m 90!! Nothing else makes me happier or more euphoric. I prefer dancing over weed. 😉

  • Xana

    Also: I HATE dance clubs…a sweaty starnger grinding his boner into your thigh is NOT dancing! lmao

  • Kanpno

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  • Niaelonj

    I love to dance to me I think of express my feeling and how I feel when I dance

  • Igloosun

    I find it really difficult to dance to music that I don’t love. When I hear music that I love though, dancing isn’t something that I think I SHOULD do. Rather, it just happens! It is like the music finds it’s way in and makes me physically respond. Sometimes it is as if my body is controlling the music, with each part of my body responsible for different instruments or beats or patterns or “flavors”. I enjoy it mist when I’m not even conscious of possibly being watched. It is purely being in the moment and feeling the experience from deep inside. It is a celebration of the magical power of great music. More than just a cerebral appreciation, music moves me literally.

  • Bendar_dundat

    Not one of you has explained it, why humans, especially female dances.

  • Pellar

    im a female dancer. i love to dance, to express my feelings in some sort of art. to be able to show who i am, not a tomboy or a misfit, but a graceful hard working dancer. it lets me show who i am, my style, feelings and personality. i love it, u should try it(:

  • fun chic – smiles –