Where’s the Shoes?

Where are the shoes? I should have taken more pictures but when I visit Japan my consumerism is on full impulse power and I’m especially jealous of all the cool shoes available to Japanese men.

I didn’t take nearly enough pictures to show the variety but here’s a few casual ones.

Here’s a few less casual but not quite dressy. These are from a few years ago and sadly these are not the most interesting once in this style.

Unfortunately for me I’m a U.S. 10-11 (depending on the brand) or a Europe 44 which is a 29cm shoe in Japan. Most Japanese shoes only go to 27cm or 28cm max but once in a while I get lucky. For example Dragon Beard goes to size 44 on some shoes. If you’re an American size 9 or smaller and you like this kind of stuff be sure to check out Japanese shoes next time you’re in Japan. Good places to look. 109 Men’s in Shibuya, Marui Men’s (0101) in Shinjuku, Hankyu Men’s in Yurakucho/Ginza are 3 places that come to mind.

  • shock_ez

    I’ve noticed from past Japanese shoe purchases that they tend to look very cool but be very poor quality (especially considering how much they cost). The same goes for clothing, generally.

    Maybe it’s because I wasn’t buying the pricier stuff like Dragonbeard (which admittedly I’m enthralled by).

  • alexr

    I had a hard time locating a pair of jikatabi in a similar size. I eventually found it.

    I greatly enjoyed shoe shopping at Odaiba. One shop had a size conversion chart on display. The saleswoman’s face transformed into an amazing look of horror when I pointed at 29. I’d apparently morphed from smiling gaijin to gojira.