What’s wrong with this picture?

Notice where she is holding the phone and that she has earmuffs on. This phone has a bone transmitting speaker. You touch that part of the phone to a bone in your head (your jaw bone) and it transmits the sounds through your bones to your ears. The crazy thing is, it works, I tried one out. 🙂 It’s kind of creepy in a way though as it sounds like a voice inside your ear instead of a sound from a speaker outside your head.

In other news, AU now has 2.4megabit services, quite a lot faster than NTT’s Foma service which is 0.4megabits. Yea, you can get a PCMCIA card for your PC notebook and take it anywhere in Tokyo and connect faster than most broadband in the states. It will expand to most major areas of Japan later this year. Of course its quite expensive. The cheapest it gets is about $0.08 per 100kilobytes.

Also, not new news but here in Japan you can get 64kilobit service for about $40 a month unlimited. What’s cooler though is they make CompactFlash cards that support this. The latest card supports both connecting through the wireless service AND connecting through wireless ethernet so if you are near a wireless hub like at work or at McDonalds then you can get 11megabits, if you are out and about you get 64kbits. A friend of mine got one for his ittybitty HP/Compaq iPaq. He uses it to send embarrassing messages using MSN Messenger no matter where he is :-p

  • scotty
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    Hi G. Just trying to spam your site, dontcha know. You said “bone conduction”…. huhu huhuhuhuh….huhuhuhuhh….

  • dylan

    you can also get 128kbps (PHS) for about 80 dollars a month unlimited.. I have one for my Clie 🙂

    I also have a 3G vodafone which you can use worldwide… I know, I tried it in America recently, I could still check my mails, send “sha-mail” (photos) and phone people back in Japan or locally in America with extreme ease.  I got the Sanyo VA801SA.  (it also supports tv phoning but I don’t know anyone else with one yet)