What’s an Echidna anyway?

Pronounced e-kid-na. An echidna is a spiny anteater found in and around Australia. Here’s a picture.

They have some at the Los Angeles Zoo. They’re very cute in person. They kind of waddle when they walk.

Several years ago, some friends of mine and I started a company. After 3 days of trying to come up with a name we finally settled on "Echidna." The biggest reason being that we liked the logo John had drawn for it. It was something like this.

Since that time I started using Echidna as my callsign or alias on the net. It hasn’t been a very good one because most people don’t know what it is or how to pronounce it. They say things like e-chid-na or enchilada. This is been the source of much laughter for my friends.

Anyway, I need a new callsign. Got any ideas?  🙂





  • Tjiggy

    how about Knuckles?

  • except for the fact that Knuckles (the Sega Character) came out about 5 years AFTER we had came up with this.  I suppose if we had called our company Knuckles maybe we could have sued :-p

  • jana
    I like it man!!

    hey dont change it!  I like it because its like enigma, but not quite.. and softer.. all you have to do is make the logo more of a hint!!

    I also like the anteater by the way,  cute things work well.

    listen to yourself the most. dont doubt yourself thomas!!-or: whats your name again?!


  • pugglie

    I like Knuckles! Anyway, one of the reasons I play Sega Sonic games is because Knuckles is an echidna and I really like echidnas, even though I have never seen one in person. Don’t blame me if there are any grammer errors, because I’m only 12 years old and this is one of the first times I am writing something like this on tne internet.

    PS: Love that echidna logo!

  • kiki



  • PaladinakaAsmodeus
    Stay with your rootz

    Nothing ever approached the value of tUME.  I see these young hacks struggle with texture tiles now and I wish we had a tool that could manage projections and a materials and texture library as well as that tool did.


  • Jacquie

    yer that echinda is so cute!!! keep it or mabey change it to a more realistic caractor

  • Jacquie

    hello evryone

  • RD___




  • RD___



    IT ECHIDNA_____;;

    TEY ARE MAD !!!

  • KnucklesXTIkal

    I luv Knuckles and Tikal. That’s manley the reason I play sonic games.

    Echidnas are cute, but at first I didn’t how to pronouce it.

    It’s weird. Knux and Tikal look nothin like echhidnas, but that’s just my opinyion.

    BTW-If Shadow, Sonic, and Silver are all hedgehogs than why is Sonic the only one w/out chest fur?

  • Billy

    how about Tynea?

  • what is an echidna?

    Do echidnas have a beak thingy or a mouth like hedghogs?

    cause knuckles and tikal dont look like the real echidnas!