Wells Fargo is AWFUL!!!

This page is closed for comments. If you want to comment about your Wells Fargo experiences please follow this link. Do I still think Wells Fargo sucks? Yes, more than ever. Especially given some of the responses from people claiming to work for them here. But that said, I’m tired of being reminded of this episode. Please take your comments here and hopefully something will come of them.

Wells Fargo Bank: In my opinion they must be the Single WORST BANK IN THE WORLD!!!!

Please please please if you are using Wells Fargo.  Please switch banks.  Do not reward this bank with your patronage.  You’re only helping an evil empire.  Please get out now.

I’ve been with Wells Fargo bank for 9 years now and I can safely say that nobody in their right mind would bank with them.  They are an atrocious bank.  Completely and utterly incompetent.  I don’t understand how they’ve gotten to the position they are in being this bad.  It seems nearly impossible to contemplate.

The following is not the only thing that has happened to me but it is the most recent and so the most clear in my mind.

In August 2000 I decide I’m going to move back to Japan.  Knowing how complicated it is to get money to a Japan (as I’ve lived here before) I call Wells Fargo 24hr hotline and ask them about setting something up for transferring money to Japan.

They say the (1) I can setup something called an "International Re-occurring Wire Transfer" but that (2) they have no idea how to set that up as they, at the hotline center, do not have those forms and so I need to go into a branch.  Not only that but I HAVE TO DO IT AT A BRANCH.  I can not be sent the forms instead and just do it through mail.

So, a couple of weeks later I go into the Brentwood branch (closest to my apartment at the time) and get the forms.  The guy at the bank gives me 3 forms. I take them home and attempt to fill them out but of course there are many banking terms I am unfamiliar with like ABA/routing number etc so I end up going into a branch and asking.  I’m told I need the branch name, address, account number and routing number / ABA number.

So I go home and call the bank in Japan and ask for that info (actually, I ask a Japanese friend to do it for me).  She says they say they don’t know anything about ABA numbers or routing numbers

So I go back to the branch and I ask and then BEG for an example of a Japanese ABA/routing number so that when I call my bank in Japan I can explain what I’m looking for.  For example if I told you I need a number that looked like this 542-124-6541 you’d probably know just by looking at it that it’s a phone number.  51235 is a zip code as is 65343-1236.  512-12-4552 is a SS# and 6431 1234 6423 9632 is a credit card #.  The bank is absolutely no help.  The claim they do transfers to Japan often but that they will not even tell me the number of digits as in XXX-XXX-XXX.  I do find out one useful piece of information.  They claim I don’t really need this number.  It just might take a few extra days without it.

So I go back home and ask another Japanese friend to call the bank in Japan.  I get the same answer, there is no ABA/routing #.  Of course like an idiot I believe Wells Fargo Bank instead of my friend and assume that I didn’t know how to communicate what I meant to her so she could explain it to the bank in Japan.

So, okay, I decide if they they don’t really need this number I’ll just fill out the forms without it.  So what if it takes an extra few days.  So, I go to the Santa Monica branch since I’m familiar with it.  It was the closest bank to my old job.  I get in line for the tellers and I ask for help with these forms for "Re-occurring international wire transfers" The teller has no clue and after fumbling around for a couple of minutes gets somebody with more experience.  That person fumbles around some more, calls somebody and finally hands me 4 forms (2 of which are different than the 3 forms I already have) and she hands me a small note with a phone number and says here are all the forms, and here’s the number to call if you have any question.

So, I sit down in the lobby to fill out the forms.  I call the number.  It’s the 24hr hotline number.  I get the same answer I got before.  The hotline people have no clue about those forms.  They don’t even have copies they could look at if they wanted to.  So now I’m getting pissed off.  As I’m on my cell phone and I’m in the lobby of the bank I grab the nearest bank person, and hand them the cell phone and tell them to sort it out.  Who the F*CK is supposed to deal with this because the branch just told me to call this number and the people at this number are telling me to talk to the branch.

The guy I gave the phone to tells that guy on the phone that he’s a branch manager, he knows what to do and he’ll take care of it. 

So I wait in the lobby for over an hour while he deals with the 3 people that were in front of me.  Finally it’s my turn.  I sit down at his desk.  He hands me 3 bank forms, one of which is different still then the 7 forms I’ve already been handed.  He also pulls out somebody else’s forms and says copy these forms and just change parts that you need to change.  I do that.  He double checks it, says every thing is great and gives me a new number to call which he says is the number I’ll call when I need to make a transfer.  I thank him and leave

So, 3 weeks later I’m in Japan and I need money ASAP.  You are only allowed to take $10000 out of the U.S.  More than that and it is considered that you are doing something fishy.  Renting an apartment in Japan generally costs 6 months rent.  First month’s rent, 2 months deposit, 2 months key money, 1 month realtor fee.  For a $1200 apartment that’s $7200.00 + more for things like manager’s fee, insurance etc.  I brought $9800 with me to Japan but of course I had things I needed to pay for and so I’m down to $7000.00   So, I call that number.  I’m told that they have no paperwork to speak of about me.  WHAT!!!!!!!  They double-check but no, they have no paperwork and they say I should go into a branch and fill out new forms.  Of course I explain to them that I’m in Japan now.  I can’t just pop over to a branch.  Well, they end up giving me the number for the Santa Monica branch.

I call.  I don’t know the branch manager’s name but I do know what he looked like and where he sits.  They figure out who it is but he’s out until Monday (it’s Thursday).

So I call back Monday.  He remembers me and says he’ll check into it and call me back.  I explain I’m in Japan and it’s 4am. He says to call him back tomorrow morning and he’ll have it all figured out.

I call back the next morning, he’s in a meeting.  He doesn’t get out until 10am (that’s 2am here in Japan).  Note that these calls aren’t cheap.  I’m living in a motel trying to rent an apartment.

He says he doesn’t know what happened.  He sent in the forms and he has no idea where they went.  The best he can do is send me new forms.  Of course that will take a week or 2 and then more time to send them back.   I don’t know what else to do so I say okay, hoping that even if I figure out a way around this it will at least be fixed in the future.  Note that as I write this (2 months later) those forms HAVE STILL NOT SHOWN UP!!!!!

That’s not the end of it.  First a more minor one.

In order to get a student visa (a visa is permission from Japan to live in Japan for a specific purpose), I need certain things.  One thing I need which wasn’t clear before I came here is I need a "balance statement signed by a bank manager" showing that I have enough money to live in Japan without a real job for as long as I plan to be here.

I call Wells Fargo and ask for one.  It took a while to get them to do it but eventually I got a supervisor on the 24hr hotline to claim she can take care of it.  10 days later it has not shown up and I’m quickly running out of time.  There’s a deadline to apply for a student visa.&n bsp; Miss it and you have to wait another 3 months to get one.

So I call again and explain what I need.  They tell me that they, the 24hr hotline people, can’t do it but that I can call some special department that can handle it.  I call that department.  They are closed.  I call the next day when they are open and am told by that department that they have nothing to do with what I need.  Their department deals with businesses.  They tell me to call the 24hr hotline again and ask for something specific.  I’ve since forgotten the term but they claim if I say that term, something like "official account history" or something like that they’ll get it right this time.

So I call the 24hr hotline again.  I use that term.  They don’t get it.  After more run around I get a supervisor again and finally she gets it and after much begging she sends the correct forms. Thank goodness.


So the next problem,  Wells Fargo decides to change my routing number in mid November.  I don’t think about it much until early December.  I’m told by my accountant that I need to pay a certain amount of money in taxes before December 31st or I’ll be fined $8000.00 in late fees.  Yes, that’s 8 grand.  Pretty important that I get that money in.

So, I’m about to send in a 540ES and a 1040ES until I think, "hey wait a minute, if they changed my routing number that means that the checks I have are no good anymore."  I call the 24hr hotline to verify that and I’m correct.  WELLS FARGO HAS ARBITRARILY INVALIDATED ALL MY CHECKS!!!  What the F*CK is wrong with them!!!  You’d think that common sense would suggest that if you are going to invalidate somebody’s checks you’d have to issue them new ones BEFORE you invalidate their old ones.  It almost seems like there might even be a law against this.  Anybody using checks on a regular basis could be really screwed!!!

I ask them about new checks and of course they take a couple of weeks and getting them to Japan is another story all together.  I ask about emergency checks and they say "Oh, just pop down to a local branch and…"  I’m in JAPAN!!!!!   So, the best they can do is put a rush order on the checks.   My account is currently registered to my sister’s address and the guy on the phone says the checks will be there within 5 business days.  I have him read my address.  It’s WRONG!!!  Even though I called Wells Fargo and updated my address with them, which can be verified since the statements have been being delivered to my sister, they didn’t update it here.  Fortunately I asked him to check it and he claims to have fixed it just before he put in the order.   This is Dec 12th.

Dec 22nd comes around and my sister has not received any checks yet.  So I call the 24 hour hotline again.  After digging around for a while I’m told the checks are at the Newport Beach branch and nobody can explain to me why they went there.  My sister lives an hour away (when there’s no traffic) from Newport Beach.  They give me the phone number to the branch.  I call the branch and the lady there offers to send them to my sister.  Of course at this point I don’t trust Wells Fargo to be able to do anything correctly so I ask if I can have a friend that’s close by come pick them up.  She says that would be okay and asks for my friend’s name.   I ask my friend John who works 2 minutes from there to go get the checks.  He got’em.  Thank goodness.  UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!

It’s not over.

So now I’m running out of money again here in Japan and it’s time to transfer more money.  Before I left for Japan I looked into opening an account at Citibank because Citibank has a special department, Citibank PBOE (Personal Banking for Overseas Employees)  That can and does regularly handle transferring money to foreign accounts for people like me.  The only bad thing about those accounts (so far) is that they cost $22 a month.  ($15 if you keep a $5K balance)  Of course Wells Fargo said I could set up the same thing with them but we see how well they did that.  But, incase I wanted to switch to Citibank I asked Wells Fargo before I left for Japan about domestic transfers and was told no problem as long as the same name is on both accounts.

So, now it’s 12/30 and I want to get some more money over here.  I’ll probably need it by the end of January.  I call Wells Fargo 24hr again thinking everything is going to be fine.  Especially since I’ve had no problems transferring money from E-Trade Broker AND E-Trade Bank over the phone and because Wells Fargo told me it would be fine.  NOPE!!!  Wells Fargo will not do wire transfers over the phone period.  You have to go into a branch!!!!  The only kind of transfer Wells Fargo will do is from one Wells Fargo account to another!!!  UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Half an hour on the phone trying to get Wells Fargo to take some responsibility for these problems and deal with it but they won’t budge.

I really don’t get how they stay in business.  I’m not a lawyer but it seems to me that I should be able to hold them liable for both the costs getting money here because they lost my "Re-occurring International Wire Transfer" forms.  THEY LOST THEM.  THEIR MISTAKE.  THERE RESPONSIBILITY.  Also the whole check issue.  Randomly invalidating all my checks.  THEIR ACTION.  THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.   If I do miss the deadline for my taxes (we’ll see, it’s Dec 30th and no record of the checks having been cashed.)  If I do get penalized I will talk to lawyers about recovering the penalty from Wells Fargo.

On top of that they charge me $20.50 a month!!!!  They charge me $10.50 a month just to have my account.  $2 a month to return my checks.  $3 a month called a "Quicken Online Monthly Charge" and $5 a month called "Quicken Bill Payment"

If I’m paying to have my checks returned and I’m paying for online bill payment, what’s the $10.50 a month for? What service do I get for that.  Clearly they have not provided me with any service.  I wonder if there’s any legal issues there? I.e., service paid for but service NOT received.

Note: this is far from the first time I’ve had problems with them.  The reason I’ve kept with them is mostly because it’s a pain in the butt for me to switch banks.  I use electronic payment though the internet using Quicken (as I have been for 9 years now) and switching banks would mean going without that for a month possibly as well as ATM card issues etc.  This is it though.  I’m switching.  I can’t deal with it anymore.  They are more then useless and they are actually causing REAL problems for me.  Problems that cost ME money and time to fix.  Problems that force me to involve and inconvenience family and friends to get fixed.

I remember about 7 years ago being pissed off enough to want to switch.  That wasn’t the only time either. I actually stormed out of a branch and spent the rest of the day interviewing banks.  At the time the best bank appeared to be Fidelity Federal.  It’s was a smaller bank though and with few branches and a month after that episode I moved to the San Francisco area and so I didn’t end up switching at that time.

Now I just can’t take it anymore.  Anybody know a bank that works?  Although I’ll be using the Citibank PBOE for transfers and stuff they don’t have all the features I want and they are expensive so I’m still looking for another bank for my main bank.

U U U U U U G G G G G G G G H H H H H H H H H H ! ! ! ! !

Please please please if you are using Wells Fargo.  Please switch banks.  Do not reward this bank with your patronage .  You’re only helping an evil empire.  Please get out now.

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  • CarLoanWatcher
    Wow! New customer at WF, and going to be very careful…

    Due to some irritating circumstances involving a low-speed t-boning, I had to replace my minivan in something of a rush. She didn’t hit me hard, but the damage was over twice the blue book value. I already have a loan out at my credit union on behalf of a relative (she had some problems, and I know I am at risk of paying it out if she fails, but she has been keeping up payments for a year now) so I went with the dealership setup. This got me Wells Fargo Auto.

    After reading all of the issues on this site I will be monitoring my account like an IRS agent chasing a penny.

    I have managed to set up electronic payment through my service even though WF C/S said that it was impossible for any electronic payments to be made unless it was pulled from the WF side of things. I have verified that payments are being made and accepted in the expected time-frame. The whole thing is now computers talking to each other with one human in the mix, me. Hopefully this will minimize any problems.

    I read one thing early on on this board that I found hard to believe, until I found it on my statement. If I want to pay off extra principal, I have to mail the payment to a different address and include written instructions with the payment! WTF?!?!? All the banks and C/Us around near me have the incredibly complex and torturous process called “make a bigger payment.”

    Even if I hadn’t read all the problems on others on this site, that alone would be enough to drive me back to my credit union when I get the existing loan paid off. In the mean time I will document the heck out of each and every payment with screen captures of the WF web site showing my payments having been applied. After some of the things I’ve seen, I fear for being able to change over the loan.

  • FormerCustomerandFormerEmployee
    10 Steps to Freedom from Wells Fargo

    If you or anyone you know have been a victim of Wells Fargo’s deceptive, negative and predatory business practices, simply follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Move Your Deposits to another Bank (or a Credit Union).

    Step 2: File a formal complain with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency at through this link:


    Step 3: Send a copy of your complain with your State’s Attorney General.

    Step 4: Send a copy of your formal complain with your local Better Business Bureau.

    Step 5: Send a copy of your formal complain to the Federal Trade Commission at https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

    Step 6: Share Your Story with the National Association of Consumer Advocates at http://www.naca.net/tell-your-consumer-rights-abuse-story/

    Step 7: Share Your Story with Your Local News Paper.

    Step 8: If your problem deals with Housing, send a copy of your complain to the Department of Housing Urban Development at http://www.hud.gov/complaints/index.cfm

    Step 9: Tell friends and family to move their accounts out of Wells Fargo.

    Step 10: Never do business with Wells Fargo ever again.

  • John

    Sorry to hear about everyone’s problems with Wells Fargo. We jumped ship from a bank we thought was the worst in the world back in 1989 and landed at AFB and haven’t had problem one.

    Now, don’t get me started about the Bank of America. LOL.

    Again, sorry to hear about everybody’s problems.

  • WellsFargosexslave


       I am a former Wells Fargo employee who agrees that they suck. Some of us have to work and we were not aware at the time of hire, what we were in for. I really hope that Wells Fargo reads this site. They could improve in alot of areas if they really care to be number one,which seems to be their top priority. I can personally tell you about the stress this place can cause. I’m not a pushy person because I personally do not like to be harrassed by pushy sales people and that was the hardest part of my job. You have to get “45 sales” per quarter in order to keep your job. Nothing like having your job hanging by a string over your head everyday, isn’t that exciting? Just what your looking for in a job right? They want you asking EVERY customer to let a banker call them to “help them” in their banking success. They also tell you to do what’s right for the customer. Yes the eighty year old lady really needs an ATM card or online banking when she would be scarred to use either one. Is it “doing the right thing for the customer” to send their blood pressure sky high because you need the sale to keep your job. I think it’s time that we quit talking about it and do something. Maybe send letters to the CEO who got that much needed 7 million dollar bonus last year. Can you imagine what he makes weekly if this is the amount of his bonus. I personally don’t want a manager coming over and asking me every 2 hours, how many sales do you have? And if you don’t have what they think you should have, they ask “How do you plan on getting them?” I was very kind and took care of my customers with a smile everyday and my regular customers knew I wouldn’t hound them to do something with their accounts every time they came in. My customers liked the way I treated them but unfortunately Wells Fargo isn’t interested in good customer service, they want the sales and they want to be the number one bank in the US. PERIOD! As for the ass kissing employees like Matt, has anyone told you lately that the brown spot on your nose has been out of fashion for quite some time. You get somewhere by working for it, not kissing ass (or at least that’s the way it should be). The way to climb up the Wells Fargo ladder is to be extremely pushy on your employees. The more sales you get, the further you get. Yes, they want every customer having at least 8 products which consists of loans, accounts,etc. There’s alot going on in Wells Fargo that the public should know. Oh and don’t be fooled for the latest way to get a sale. If a teller tells you that you need an ATM card for ID is easier in the lobby, you don’t have to get one. While it makes things easier for the teller, it just shit they’re feeding you to get their sales. I’ll try to post an address where all of you who are unhappy can write Uncle Dick. Maybe he should use some of that big bonus to hire someone who cares about the customers instead of the sales. Hate to say it but that will probably never happen. Money hungry pricks! And for people like Matt that still works for the company, you’re really rude and that comes no where close to providing good customer service. I think you would be the perfect employee to haul people’s trash away. It shouldn’t matter whether your talking like that on a website or to your customers, you are just plain rude. It would be embarrasing to be part of a company that employs dick heads like you. A good employee keeps their patience and stays composed even in the hardest of situations. And have you ever heard of the word respect? Reading negative comments should be a learning tool. Yes there are going to be people that you can never please no matter how much you do, but you don’t send them on a scavenger hunt to finish business. If you can’t provide the right answer then it’s part of service to find someone who can and don’t give up until you’ve got the right person to help. Wow, they’d actually get the service they deserve and you’d earn your money honestly, but that’s too much to ask from people like you. Good luck in life because you’re going to need it. Learn to open your mind and listen. You might actualy get a REAL job one of these days. I’m moving on to better things. Life is too short to have a job that harrasses you as well as their customers.

             Wells Fargo’s ex-slave





  • WellsFargosexslave

    For all of you that would like your comments heard, go to Answers.com and in the search box type in,  Richard Kovacevich. It gives you the address to send your complaints to and also provides some info you might find interesting. Uncle Dick makes the big bucks so let’s see if he’s big enough to do something good for his customers and employees.

        Wells Fargo’s ex-slave

  • Stagecoach




  • CharlotteSwetland
    Ex Personal banker

    I want to thank everyone for thier comments when I first found this site.  I do not work for Wells anymore, but I want to warn employees NOT TO POST COMMENTS HERE!!!!  My manager was contacted by HR and I got put on informal warning and was DAMN NEAR FIRED for using my WF email on this site.  But you all were very nice with service comments  Thanks so much!!

  • CarLoanWatcher
    Info for people with ATM issues…

    Sorry about the blank, hit enter at the wrong moment.

    For those who have issues with ATM access, find a credit union with access to the Co-Op ATM Network. This links most credit union ATMs and a lot more.

    Visit http://www.co-opnetwork.org and hunt for the ATM locator, just now it is near the top of the screen, but it moves when they redesign the site. Put in your ZIP code and you will get a list of ATMs in your area that any member of a participating credit union can get money out of with no surcharge, as well as a smaller number that will take deposits. Some time last year, the ATM Axis system that the 7-Eleven stores in my area use joined the system. I now have more free ATM access than any commercial bank customer. 7-Elevens are everywhere around me.

    I just opened another tab and fed in my ZIP code, I got a list of 100 ATMs within 8 miles, 55 of which take deposits.

    My credit union is Wings Financial and they have an office near Detroit Metro airport, so it’s a 20-minute one-way trip to the office, if I need to get there that badly. With the Co-Op Network, I can do routine transactions with no more than a 5-minute round trip, if I use the nearest ATM. Most everything else I can phone in or do on the web site.

    One possible hitch for people who live close to the margin, Co-Op Network ATM deposits may be held for several days depending on your credit union. Wings policy says a week, but in practice, it’s been the end of the next business day, with $100 available instantly. As I have direct deposit, I can spare the week on the stray checks if I need to. One nice thing is that you can move just about anywhere except the extreme rural areas and not have to close your account if you are happy with it. I’ve managed to find Co-Op ATMs in some wide-spot-in-the-road towns, so even that may not be an issue any more.

    I do not work for Co-Op Services or a credit union, I’m just a very happy camper because of the flexibility that Co-Op gives me. Example: Last year in November, about a month after I found out that ATM Axis had joined Co-Op, I was in Chicago at a convention. I overspent a bit and needed money. I remembered a 7-Eleven from prior years (gotta fill my Extreme Gulp cup) so I went about half a mile down the road and it was still there, I got my money and was back at the hotel in 10 minutes with my extra cash.

    So, in summary: If ATM access is holding you to a bank you are not happy with, plug your ZIP code into the Co-Op Network ATM locator, if you get a useful number of hits, find a participating Credit Union in your area and open an account. If there isn’t one in your area, you may still be able to get a useful account if there is a credit union that affiliates on your profession or if a qualifying relation has an account at a participating CU. The last time I checked, credit unions would allow you to open accounts by mail, so if a CU you qualify for is too far away, join by mail then use the Co-Op Network to access it once you have your card. Mind you, this makes losing your card a hairier deal than usual.

  • Random
    Reply to WellsFargosexslave

    “You have to get “45 sales” per quarter in order to keep your job. Nothing like having your job hanging by a string over your head everyday, isn’t that exciting?” Actually, when you break that down, that’s less than 1 sale per day. That does not seem hard at all. Also, sales are not mandatory, that’s why it’s called “incentive compensation.” And surprise, surprise sales helps you further your career path?!?!? Whoever heard of that, WellsFargosexslave? I mean why would upper management want to promote someone who has low numbers, that just doesn’t make sense. Yeah, i’ll agree with you, I hate having my branch manager come over and ask me for my numbers. I agree with some of the stuff you say but what kind of manager would he/she be if they didn’t stay on top of that? Their payout depends on the employees numbers, so why wouldn’t they want to succeed? Also, after working at Wells Fargo, being surrounded by fraud, you still don’t think an ATM card and pin number are the best way to ID someone? Trying to help protect someone’s identity is a teller sales trick? Granted the teller will get the sale but they are in fact helping that person. You look at sales as deception, when in fact almost all the products do benefit the customer. For example, I use WF online all the time. I don’t know how many times I have met customers who just come in just to transfer money from one account to another. Why waste your time standing in line, when you can do it online? Another example is bill pay, during these times it is not safe to send checks in the mail. People go around stealing people’s mail and alter checks. Why not electronically send it? Who really benefits from these products, the customer or the employee trying to sell it? Both do. I believe most of the products do actually make peoples lives easier.

  • WellsFargosexslave

    Reply to Random

      Yes, it is mandatory if you want to keep your job. I have seen alot of good people get fired for not making their sales. they had all good qualities to be a good teller,  banker, or manager but out the door they go when they don’t make the sales. I’ve seen some good management fired or demoted because the sales in the branch aren’t high enough. Maybe 1 a day doesn’t appear to be hard but when you wait on the same people every week and you and 6 other tellers have suggested products over and over again, it’s not so easy to get that one sale when people tell you no over and over. Oh and do you think that 80 yr. old will remember her pin? How about this. They are afraid of fraud and don’t trust things they can’t understand such as cards and computers. I love my ATM card and online banking. It makes life easier for some of us but alot of people don’t trust having their finances displayed on a computer no matter how secure you tell them it is. With all the identity theft, can you blame them? How do you justify telling someone they should get a credit card when their in debt thousands of dollars already? Look how many laptops have been stolen from Wells Fargo’s employees and there’s customer information on those that could turn people’s lives upside down. When is someone going to realize that people will eventually get sick of being hounded every time they go to the bank to open another account and take out another loan, that their going to get sick of it and go somewhere else. I was where I wanted to be as a teller. I have no interest in climbing the ladder at a place that cares more about sales then the quality of customer service. I guess I’m a little bit old fashioned in that sense. They kind of service you provide can bring a lot of good to the business without having to push push push. Find a site that cares if you support Wells Fargo because this one is for those of us who don’t.

  • ANony


  • evilkitty
    surpize again

    we are still battleing with wfhm to let us sale our home. once again they have postpned the sheriffs sale but are refusing the buyer wwe have to buy it due to the fact that it will not cover there legal fees if it goes to sheriff sale they will only get about 50 percent of what they want does not seam to me that they have enuff brains to add two plus two sorry for the spelling my experise is numbers not words

  • 2x1month
    “Quality Service”

     Lets discuss the quality service… all within 45 days time…

    My savings account, -90.57 balance…why in the Red?

     Seems that a temp agency wrote a check to a woman, both located in california.  She deposited it, and apparently it didn’t clear.  Somehow the fact that I live 1/2 across the country, the person the check was written to and the account number have nothing in common aside perhaps the same number of characters in the account #.  It only took 10 business days to get that taken care of.

     Or…the repair work I had done to my house.  The Vendor put in a verification request, and the bill… I called and spoke with the vendor and they had the ‘verfication’ dropped.  The next business day, The vendor is shown as paid, and then a second charge for the same amount is showing on the account, called the vendor…and botht he vendor and I contact the bank, the banks only response is that it SHOULD ‘fall off’ at at midnight that night.  The VENDOR is telling them it’s not a valid charge, and instead of reversing/dropping it… I’m told to wait?

  • anonymousMidwest
    Greggman…thanks for the info. I am letting Wells Fart-Go loose

    I recently opened 2 accounts both checking and savings about 3-4 ago yet the only statement I have received is for the checking but nothing about my savings.  After reading all the horrible stories about this useless bank as soon as Monday morning comes around I am going in person to the branch and withdraw all my funds and the BITCH better have my money in my savings which they have not acknowledged that I have but thank God I have evidence in black and white to prove that I did open 2 accounts.  Their employees are not well trained and no one cares because  Wells Fart-Go does not pay them a decent salary.

  • sendyourbrokeasshome

    you know what I’ve realized..

    The majority of the people complaining on here all have complants to say about Wells Fargo in regaurds to payroll advances, overdraft protection, bad credit practices etc etcll

    Manage you money..did’nt your mom ever teach you to balance your checkbook and not trust computers. If you have to live on payroll advances and credit, stop complaining here about people that work at Wells that have better jobs than you do and are’nt living on credit! Banks are’nt personable like they used to be(nor is society) although for the fame this bank has recieved they must be doing something right. And as a S&P only U.S rated AAA bank, there credit practices can’t be all that horrible. If Wells Fargo is’nt your bank of choice for overdraft fees, payroll advances, or the unablilty to obtain credit though Wells..then take your broke a$$ to find another job before you complain about a bank that you singed agreements to…and switch banks while your at it, there high value (net worth) clients tend to be pretty happy.

  • InTheKnow

    Sorry MaryJ,

    But your story is crap. Ever heard of Libel? 

    You mean to tell us that WF shut down your husband’s account, and ALL the other accounts held by people of the same last name? Really, there are some legititmate concerns voiced on this board, and there are some persons of intellect on this board… Thank you for proving that you have neither.

    The ONLY way that the bank would do anything like that is if he AND his family were out of compliance with OFAC, the Patriot Act or engaged in some kind of money laundering. Really, I see overdrawn accounts EVERY DAY, and NEVER have I seen one EVER, EVER, EVER shut down for a $50 o/d. In fact the bank holds on to habitually o/d’d account holders because of the revenue they generate. Ntm, did it ever occur to you that writing bad checks is illegal? And beyond that- To all the people out there who become upset w/ o/d fees, how would YOU feel, if WF held out 10’s or 100’s of dollars of yours so that they could cover THEIR purchases? Every time you o/d, and the bank pays… The bank incurs a loss on your overexpenditures.

    Seriously MaryJ, shut up, and good riddance.

  • Liberty
    Did the answers.com thing

    From personal experience I would not want this guy or any of his cronies in control of FDIC, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This person is nothing more than a pillaging corporate leader that thinks the people with bank accounts are only here for him and his cronies to rape, rob and pilage. That means the stockholders and the account holders. Wells Fargo/Norwest has also used the federal treasury as their own personal bank account they could tap into at will (file for federal gaureentees via falsified documents, rob, trash and stomp on anyone who disagrees with what you are doing along the way if they get in your way). If you personally refuse to go along with their illegal activities you will suffer their wrath. I know we did. But yeah we have running water and a warm house now, may have taken several years but at least I can say I gave it my best effort to not be complicit to your illegal extortionate activities Wells Fargo.

    From Answers.com, [Kovacevich has also pushed many controversial views. He believes that FDIC insurance should be privatized, and that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should have no government backing in the event of a failure. He has also been very vocal against the expensing of stock options, and has twice disobeyed shareholder requests to do so.]

    Wells Fargo/Norwest working to be unregulated so the frenzy to rob and rape the people goes even more un-notice than it already has been.

  • anonnewWFcustomer

    This is one of the most hilarious blogs I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t read all 28 pages but I’m sure they are all very good therapy for WF victims. (very funny, “wells fargo’S EX-slave” note about uncle DICK — tell me again, what exactly did you do for uncle DICK?).

    This may have been cleared up somewhere else, but for all you international travellers, THE code for sending INTERNATIONAL wires is NOT a routing number. Rather, it is the SWIFT code. Japanese banks have SWIFT codes and so does WF. Domestic banks wire to each other via ABA Routing Numbers. Internationally they wire via SWIFT Codes. WF SWIFT Code is WFBIUS6S.

    I am sorry to say I just signed up with Wells Fargo. It’s a long story, but let me just say it was for expedience, I would have rather gone somewhere else. WF charges higher fees and gives lower interest than where I came from.

  • Anon
    Worst Bank that exists…

    I have been with Bank of America for 7 years, and I have had two other small local bank accounts…

    Wells Fargo is the worst banking experience of my life… And I am not the only one…

    2.00 to call customer service…

    34.00 per overdraft, plus 34.00 to return a check…

    Cash in an ATM… 2-days sometimes…

    Rude Customer Service…

    High cost international Wire Transfer Receiving…

    Besides that Arrogant and snobbish…

    They should stick to transporting money and get out of the Bank Business….

    I am going to cancel my account in a few weeks…

  • hahahaha
    WellsFargosexslave is a bitch

    man you couldnt hang… i dont do shit as a personal banker i get paid 18 an hour to come in on hours that i’m not at school. what else could you want. i do my job get my sales and go home, sorry you couldnt hang bro maybe you should find a bank that wont ask you to develop your sales skills because in life, whether you sell yourself, a product or even an image if you don’t sell it right you gonna go nowhere… as for those who are going to say that 18 an hour is nothing, lol bitches im 19 a junior at csulb, pushing a 3.8 gpa getting ready to get promoted again. and on top of that wf pays for my school… they are practically paying me to get promoted, all i have to do is do my job. grow up, man up or get out… hahahaha you couldnt handle the heat bitch

  • obentolady

    I was checking out WF for dealing with Importing from Japan! Yikes! Have any of you tried Ing bank? I wondered if they’re going to take over the world or something or if they’re ok…


  • chris
    Awful screw ups by wells fargo bank

    Wells fargo bank has screwed up my accounts, and their Bill Pay could not be trusted.  They weren’t sending the checks out on time, and they switched the payee so money was sent to the wrong place, etc, etc.   They made changes without my knowledge!  Lots of hidden costs!  I tried giving them some leeway, but way TOO MANY screw ups.   I’m fed up and very unhappy with them.   Don’t bank with them if at all possible!  4/13/07

  • Lynn
    I can’t believe these people are in business

    The ONLY reason, ONLY reason, must be because it is such a pain to switch banks when all your bill pay is linked to your account.

    Is there anyone else out there who gets hung up on by these brilliant WF customer service people EVERYTIME you call the 800 numbers. And of course it’s after you’ve explained your entire story and been put on hold for 5 minutes.


    SEE LINK http://www.congresscheck.com/archives/1557


  • ConcernedConsumer





  • Read This Report

    You may be disturbed when after reading this article


    Talk about data and information security, they can’t

    even monitor their employee’s online activities.

  • world_viewer
    world wide problem

    I have heard it said “that 90% of all people in all occupations are

    incompetent”.  I agree.

  • UncleBen
    Save your money

    Mostly petty stuff here. A guy who complains about a $20 fee and a person without $100 in his account to cover tickets. This is why you need to save money so you can purchase your shit. Dont spend it on Starbuck since you cant afford it. With the majority of Americans savings in the  negative of their income your lucky to be able to put money in an account and you shouldnt bitch if they charge you to keep your nest egg safe. If you want to change to BofA and you will find the most incompetent people in the world. Most of the employees are part time so good luck getting anything done right. But go ahead and gather your quarters and bring them to BofA in your favorite milk jar. They will be more than happy to put your life savings in some paper rolls for you and tell you it will grow someday to be enough for a VW when your 73.

  • anonymoust

    All Wells Fargo cares about is screwing people out of their money. I have actually had them tell me a check came in the day I put it in the mail to an out of state location. I believe they do this often to justify charging overdraft fees.

    I have been documenting this for about six months now, and am 99% sure that this is really happening. They think it is ok to steal from customers to make a better living for themselves.

    I will never bank with them again! I do believe they are horrible, evil and underhanded sons a bitches!!!!!!

  • testcomment

    seeing if site is working

  • TheLastSanePerson
    Get a Grip

    Go to google, type the name of any major bank followed by the word “sucks”, any major company for that matter, and you’ll get to a site full of people whining and moaning because of how horrible they were treated. Every company has good people and bad people, rules that help sometimes and hurt sometimes.

    Get over it.

    Sure it sucks that some guy had to wait 10 days for a check to clear and somebody else’s account was frozen while they were in japan but for the love of god is it worth forming an army full of people that have done nothing but whine about how horrible there nerf ball life is and how much having to deal with opposition hurt their feelings.

    And to the ex employee, 45 sales a quarter is less than 1 sale per day, lets say you talked to each caller for 20 minuets (extremely generous call time) and you were only on the phone for 6 hours a day that means that 17 out of 18 people that you talk to wouldn’t have to buy anything, that’s really not bad at all.

    I don’t work for wells fargo, can’t say that I even like them that much, not fond of any company that’s too big, but seriously guys, get over yourselves, the world doesn’t cater to you, just like you don’t cater to the world.


  • Bill
    I’m adding my complaints

    Well I’m glad I was able to find a 28 page thread anti-Wells Fargo, I finally went Googling to find something like this. Funny thing is conversation and complaints date back to December 2000, only a few months after I initially opened an account with Wells Fargo since the location nearest me was most convenient by far.

    First 5 years or so with Wells Fargo, number of minor complaints i.e. bad promises and customer service experiences, $7 a month for the ability to pay up to 5 bills a month online, etcetera. Most memorable complaint…I was 21 years old, working at the time but a college student who had worked up $2000 in credit card debt (I always made an effort to pay my balances off completely back then, senior year was when I planned to prepare for graduation and use credit to justify a low or no pay internship). Anyways, I legally won $7500 off of a $10 bet, had the check FedEx’d to me, deposited the check. Luckily, most charges I made after the deposit were on credit cards, which I were to pay using my balance. But, 20 days after the deposit, I realize that the transaction is still “pending,” and there has been overdraft account activity, resulting in a few $10-15 charges plus interest.

    So I call Wells Fargo and am told they have to wait for the check to clear (bs it has cleared), and that it was being held because the amount of the check was “suspicious” relative to my other deposits. At least I’m assured that any resulting overdraft fees and interest will be reversed as soon as the check turns out to have been legitimate. 10 days later it finally posts to my account, I call to take care of the reversals, and am told clearly that I was never made such a promise, and they can’t help me. Two implications here: 1.) Wells Fargo is willing to freeze a deposit for at least 30 days without any supporting evidence that it is illegitimate, as long as they think it might be suspicious. In this case, if they were truly concerned about the check being legitimate, they could have cleared concerns with a couple of phone calls.

    Anyways, everything is my fault, because I continued to bank with Wells Fargo out of convenience. Come last year, I need to open a business account, not only is Wells Fargo convenient but my credit has began to decline a slight bit (not that bad), and they are able to set up a merchant account for me.

    Since then well, I’ve hit hard financial times and have finally been exposed to whjy people complain so much about overdraft. I mean, I know whats at risk, and I know there’s a reason why overdraft charges are high. But they should at least be administered fairly.

    My experience: last year, there were a number of overdraft fees. A lot of the time, I would check my balance online and would do what was needed to avoid overdraft charges. I swear there were times I checked my balance after midnight to see nothing cleared the day before, only to find charges mysteriously appear on my account, form the day before, the next day. It got to a point where any charge for $75 or above would bounce, any smaller charges would always be honored ad assessed a $33 fee.

    I casually mentioned frustration with account records to a Wells Fargo rep who had called me one day, and he informed me of some new service that notified me via email of “pending” charges so I would know whenever I was in danger of overdraft, and would have time to react.

    Fastforward to early March. I haven’t had an overdraft fee in months. My rent check can clear any day, but it usually doesn’t clear so soon. I need money from a roomate to cover the entire cost (would’ve overdrawn my act by $200). According to my acct online that day, nothing cleared or was pending. I go make a deposit for almost $500 after 9 PM on a Monday night. My receipt shows balances that confirm the rent check had not cleared during business hours on Monday, because the funds are still in my account – I keep my receipt for documentation.

    Three days later, I find out that somehow my rent check posted Monday before midnight (when the funds from my deposit became available). Because of other charges posted the same day, I get multiple overdraft charges. Because I don’t realize that overdraft fees are affecting my balance, I don’t go to deposit $10 in my account to cover my $9 motnhly account fee two days later, thats another overdraft charge.

    I take the receipt with me to my branch to ask for an explanation. The explanation I get from a manager (the agent couldn’t answer me) is this: the available balance, only reflects some transactions, not all transactions, and checks don’t “pend” – bs because I’ve seen checks “pend.” Additionally, 9 PM on a business day is too early to check to see what may have been processed on a business day, because transactions will not likely be made final until close to midnight. I told him, well now I know how you guys work, but because this is not clear and you have given me conflicting info in the past, you should be willing to work with me here – no go. I emailed Wells Fargo and got an unclear reply. I gave up trying to get charges reversed, and simply asked for them to clarify how things worked, so I could know for future reference – I got no reply.

    Fastforward to Monday April 16. I have some charges pending, I get money in my account to cover those charges. I have two more charges that I expect to hit my account the next day, based on past experience, but I had already arranged to have funds wired to my account on Tuesday. To document my balance at the time, I check my balance online at 12:33 am April 17 – the next biz day. It says – balance at the end of last business day (Apr 16) is $25.37, available balance higher. Next day, I feel like checking my account out of apranoia, so I pull up my account at 10:35 am – suddenly it showed my balance at the end of April 16 was negative eighteen dollars and change, and although the wire transfer I was expecting showed up, of course there were two more overdraft charges posted to my account that day.

    I brought my printouts to my local branch. The explanation: The information regarding my balance at the end of the business day (Apr 16)was accurate at 12:33 am on April 17. However it changed that morning when Wells Fargo became aware of transactions processed by other banks the day before – the rep explained that they have no control over when transactions post – other banks do. So – basically, when you make a deposit or arrange for a wire xfer to your account, Wells Fargo decides when your funds become available and are added to your account – it doesn’t matter when funds were sent; yet, If someone else processes a debit card transaction or submits a check to be cleared, the funds come out of your account when Wells Fargo either a.) clears the funds to be sent, or b.) when Wells Fargo becomes aware of the transaction. But they date the transaction retroactive to when it was sent – sometimes the day before.

    Despite bad credit at this point, I did ask if I could at least take out a miniscule credit line for overdraft protection. I was told a.) nobody in the branch could help, I’d have to talk with the Credit dept, b.) because I was a business customer I could not request a credit line under $5k.

    I admit I’m a hypocrite – I owe Wells Fargo money largely on a credit acct. which I used to take advantage of a promotional offer, but became unable to make payments last year. Part of why I have not chosen another bank deal with the fact that my credit is poor and I even have some negative info that would help prevent me from getting another checking account – largely due to the way Wells Fargo handled account matters last year. My debt with Wells Fargo (which isn’t that high) is currently in collections. But a.) I do plan on start paying it and other debt off in the near future interest included, b.) I would have likely been in a position to be making payments currently had Wells Fargo not caused me so much trouble with overdraft (I know I causedit myself but at times I had no other known option – and the only other option were payday loans, I felt uncomfortable lending from friends), and c.) more importantly, I would have been treated in the same manner had I not owed Wells Fargo anything.

    This should concern consumer groups and government agencies, considering Wells Fargo has made efforts to market to low income families and even illegal immigrants. I was always annoyed by Wells Fargo but never realized the true extent of their downfalls until I became vulnerable enough so that they could treat me in a truly predatory manner. I hear all kinds of talk about payday loan shops etc should be illegal, frankly I’ve done business with several of those places over the past year (not proud to admit) and have found them to be easily less predatory than Wells Fargo. Those places are actually a savior for “vulnerable” segments of the population, because without them those segments are often forced to rely on Wells Fargo.

    STFU about overdraft fees happen for a good reason – thats not the complaint here and not always the complaint that others have. overdraft is overdraft but ethics are ethics and legality is legality. STFU about banking is banking, you won’t find so many blatant complaints about other banks, and you really don’t realize the true scope of Wells Fargo’s ineptitude and predatory nature until you become too dependent on them. I meant to change my bank account for years but was too lazy, don’t make the same mistake I made, Greggman made, and many others on here made.

  • anonymousarse
    WF or WTF

    Yeah, so I clear all the money out of my one account and call them a week later to close the account. I wait one on agent, then get disconnected…then wait on another agent only to find out there is a whopping $1.44 interest payment in my account (though online says ZERO) and I can only close by going to a stupid branch office — can’t even forfeit it over the phone.

  • anonybnkr
    people just complain too much

    Its in a persons nature to want something for free. The simple matter is, is that customers want to blame the institution they bank with for their mistakes. 9 out of 10 times someone destroys their bank account it is because they don’t keep track of their mony and spending. So when they screw up, it is now the banks fault. If you want a pity party for your stupid banking mistakes go to a credit union.

    This is the best way I can sum it up. CUSTOMERS hear only what they want to here. That is the only truth in banking. Customers need to quit trying to re-vamp or develop in their minds the banking process and understand the way their bank functions. The people who work in the bank are not the enemy, if you have a problem with the policies then leave.

    The real truth: look at these complaints on this blog. The ones that are complaining use many phrases like “I thought”,”or I thought I could” or “I assumed”.  Interesting huh? That translates into, “I don’t know”, “I think I will try to b.s my way through this”, “or I really just don’t understand and I will play stupid”. Thats where you screwed up people. Take some time, learn to read and remember that before you start screaming at the young person handling your transaction, remember they are human.


  • Consumer
    Words cannot describe the intensity of my dislike for Wells Fargo

    I am an adult who takes responsibility for his actions. I read the fine print and I only spend money which I have. That said, I sincerely hate Wells Fargo. When I used to bank with them years ago, they screwed me at every turn. Closing my account there and opening a new one at USAA was a very satisfying experience. USAA knows how to treat their customers. Now, I take every opportunity I have to express my acclaim for USAA and my utter disgust with Wells Fargo. I wish WF each and every plague which can possibly befall them.

  • gone

    don’t get an auto loan with wells fargo…..unless you want the following:

    poor customer service; lack of honesty; values and vision of company are sugar coated to get you and then – you’re just another customer to be treated with a lack of respect and professionalism.  I took my mtg out of wells fargo and am taking my auto because senior mgmt and above are not interested in the customer but in profits. They have no clue on what is going on in their cutomer service areas…maybe if they a class in management 101 today – they’d see why they are losing cutomers like me.



  • AnonymousinTexas
    Someone sucks more than Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo HOME MORTGAGE

    I agree.  Wells Fargo’s incompetence is right up there with that of the airline industry.  I have been a Wells Fargo HOME MORTGAGE customer for 12 months and there has NOT been ONE instance of good service.  Their ability to make mistakes spirals faster than a G-5 Tornado.  And I hold their Vice President Leesa Whitt-Potter and her boss by the name of Ben, for the level of incompetence in this American institution.  More to follow!

  • AnonymousinTexas
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: Poster Company of Incompetence

    Agree.  I’ve been a Wells Fargo customer for 12 months, specifically the Home Mortgage area.  I can’t state a single good thing these morons have ever done.  Their ability to snowball mistakes is faster than a G-5 Tornado.  I hold responsible their Vice President Leesa Whitt-Potter and her boss Ben, for the crass level of incompetence in their institution.

    Bad WFB

    Yes, I had an account at Wells Fargo Bank and they are the absolute worst bank in fact I instructed the bank to close out my accounts but just recently I get a letter from them stating that I owe $1135 in charges, I am getting an attorney on this Wells Fargo Bank sucks.

  • anonymousRag
    Wells Fargo Bank

    WFB is the absolute worst bank I have ever done business with but never again, those people need to go back to school learn how to do their math over again. I have had them take out for a cell phone but they’d deduct to much at one time then its like pulling teeth to get them to straighten things out I mean the people in that bank are “STUPID” they have very poor customer service. Also, had a small loan with them which was a mistake as I had paid it now they sent me a letter saying that I still owe it which I’ve got the bank statement(s) showing the payments I really do not see how that is legal of course they tell me that an illeagle is a sick bird.


  • pissedoffinLA
    Wells Fargo Representative forged a contract

    I signed up for a 36 month business account and a lease on a credit card machine with Wells Fargo.  At the time, I was in a hurry and forgot to geat a copy of the contract.  I called the representative who signed me up, but she never returned my call.  I have been calling her for the last year, but still no response.  Finally, I called the lease company, First Data, and asked for a copy of the lease, and to my shock, the contract was a different one.  The first page contained a bunch of typed personal information that were incorrect, and the second page was just a form full of disclaimers witha signature space underneath, which I signed and remember signing.  She switched the first page to reflect a different contract period (much longer).  I am screwed for years with this contract, and don’t know what to do about it.

    Also, because I deposited third party checks (my parents’), Wells Fargo closed my account, and they are holding all my money (which is a substantial amount) hostage for two weeks.  They have been cashing third party checks for over 10 years, but now they decide to make a big deal out of it.  And why are they holding my money.  I need that money to pay the bills that I scheduled with WF’s Bill Pay, but won’t honor.  Who is going to be responsible for my bills?  Don’t they have to pay me interest for this period in which they are holding my money?  They said to call in a few days for me to “beg” for an early closure.  Are they serious?  I have to beg for them to return my own money?

    In my opinion, they are just plain, common thieves.  They charge you for everything, even for their own mistakes.  They commit fraud, and they can get away with it.  Is there any governmental regulator who can do anything about this?  Or does WF just buy them off with the money they steal from us?

  • Amanda

    I have a truck loan through wells fargo,and they SUCK big time! They are very,very imcompete,that includes their csr,and collections.I made my April 2007 payment early,never being late on my payments.They call me 3 days after the loan was due,and said i never made my aprils payment.I faxed the copy of the front and back of the cashed check,and still 1 month later,still no resolution.They call me 3-4 times a week,wanting to know where my april payment is.I again,have to tell them it was cashed,and they have 2 copies of the check.The csr tell me different things everytime they call.They are all a bunch of idiots that do not know what their doing.When this is finally straightened out,if ever with wells fargo,I am getting another bank to finance my loan.ADVICE-stay away from wells fargo,they do not know what they are doing!!

  • Any information on a class action law suit against Wells Fargo would be appreciated. I am currently searching for precident law from past law suits as well as current, pending class actions (not for refinancing or mortgages) but for the $34 overdraft fees that they charge you when they accept charges when your bank account does not have the money to substantiate those charges. I have had so many erroneous charges that the bank refuses to refund these $34 overdraft fees that it’s not even funny.   This week, one large charge went through and they immediately refunded it because it was inadvertently charged. However, because it took so long, all of the small pending charges were charged $34 each, a total of fourteen (14) this week… and these types of things keep happening to us over the years. The only reason we have stayed with Wells Fargo is because our employer banks with Wells Fargo and cuts some very large checks, that most banks would place at least a 5 day hold on.  So… in essence, we’re stuck.   Would love to get involved in a class action against Wells Fargo and get these fees back, with interest.  Any information you can provide would be appreciated!!!!  God bless.

  • GoldenPot

    i don’t know what r u talking abt here, guys..

    i’ve had an account with them for more than 10 years and i have never ever had a problem with them. Everything was always on time and the way they said it is going to be. I travel a lot, wire the money-everything goes super smooth, i use my debit cards abroad-it always works, no problems at all.

    Maybe that is because I know what I do.

  • Diana

    On January 19, 2007 I went to a local branch of Wells Fargo to speak with the manager.  I was told he had been transferred to a different brnch.  In short, none of the individuals who had originally solicited my accounts were there.  Some quit, others were on extended sick leave and others were transferred.  So, the personal service they promised me was non-existent.  I went to the branch where the manager had been transferred.  He greeted me and assigned me to a business specialist.  I wanted to inquire as to the available balance on my business line.  She gave me the available balances and also told me I had a substantial home equity line available.  I was pleasantly surprised. So, instead of accessing my business line, I thought I would access this home equity credit line.  I took out $10,000.00.  I had NO idea that this had been applied to a home I had sold in 2005!!! Since I had sold the previous home, I had notified all vendors with whom I do business, of the change of address for my personal residence.  This included Wells Fargo Bank.  Somehow, they did not change the address on this account and did not notifiy me that it was a home equity line on my previous residence!  How could this happen?  All my other accounts had the correct address!  Anyway, the billing statement went to the previous address.  I never received it.  During this time I came down with double pneumonia.  I got a call from Wells Fargo Bank that I was late on a payment.  I was shocked because my accounts had been set up for automatic payments.  I told the lady this and she said I needed to make a payment over the phone.  I gave her an account from which funds could be transferred.  I asked her not to report this as a late payment since I had not received a billing statement and since I was so ill that I could not even think clearly.  She said that she could hear me coughing and wheezing and was sorry I was so ill and would not report it as a late.  I thanked her.

    I had NO idea that they did report this as a late.  I only discovered it when I went to apply for a refinance on my commercial property.  Prior to the commercial lender accessing my credit report, I had my own credit report pulled and the FICO scores were in the high 700’s.  The commercial lender accessed my credit report later and reported the FICO scores had dropped drastically due to the Wells Fargo late.

    I was shocked!  I contacted Wells Fargo and investigated further.  Thereupon I learned of the errors they had made.  Although it was entirely their mistake, they will not remove the late, thus creating a significant financial loss to me as well as lowering my credit scores so that it is now impossible for me to get a decent loan.

    The equity line is still on a home I do not own.  In order for them to transfer it, they want to pull my credit report again, thus further lowering my scores.

    I had emailed them, faxed them title reports showing that no lien was ever filed on the sold property but they insist it was.  Even though I accessed my equity line in January 2007, they still applied it to a home I had sold in November of 2005.

    Wells Fargo will not admit their error.  They will not remove the late.

    They have given me nothing but problems and remember those sweet people who had originally solicited my account?  Well, even they will not assist me.

    So that is MY story about Wells Fargo Bank!!!


  • Who
    wellsfargo gets away with it!!!

    Being a victim myself..filed a lawsuit for the intentional infliction of emotion distress…they used there power..false statements to leave myself and children homeless. I have correspondence all the way up to the CEO..and some. With so many people screwed over by them..everyone hurt needs to fight back…but alot do nothing..if every one used there voice and rights maybe others would wake up and get out!

  • josefguerra

    may 12 2007 i had a coustumer waiting at the branch in city of industry ca, i was runing 5 minutes late so i call the branch to see if they would waite for me they said yes. i arrived to the branch exactly 5 minutes later and they turn me down saing that they had forgatten and closed down all terminals. i call the 24 hr hot line to complain and they directed me  to a voice mail i left a massage and 5 days latter they call me to said we are so sorry about the inconviniance but try to arrive a little early next time, and hang up the phone. that same wekend i had to travel to mexico and try to used my debit card in an atm and all the sudenly my card was cancel. i call the 24 hr hot line and i was told that the computer had cancel my debit card becoused it suspected that it was been stolen, i ask the cleark what it could be done he reply that i need to came in person to a branch maen while i was stock in mexico whith out money to get gas to came back to the states. DO WE HAVE TO ASK THE BANK PERMISSION TO TRAVEL OUT SIDE OF THE COUNTRY?

  • josefguerra


  • ExWFCUstomer
    Evil is a good word for Wells Fargo Bank

    I recently went through a divorce.  My spouse left me with a house I could not afford alone.  I called WF and explained the circumstances and asked to initiate legal documents to give the house back to them.  I knew I could not make the payments.  WF suggested I try to sell the property so I contacted a real estate agent and placed the house on the market.  The house did not sell.  My agent tried to work a short sell with WF but they kept putting him off.  My agent kept plugging but we could not reach an agreement with WF.  Then, I got a registered letter from Well’s Fargo’s attorneys stating I had to be out of the house in three days.  This happened on a Tuesday.  I couldn’t get out by Friday and work and take care of my daughter but I did manage to get out of the house by the following Sunday.  When I called the attorney’s office to find out where to turn in the keys, I was told rather rudely I could through them away for all they cared.  They planned to re-key the house.  Monday I received a summons to court for failure to vacate the house in the three days.  I called the attorney to ask if this was necessary and was again rudely spoken to.  They told me it was up to WF and that it was my problem to determine if the court date would occur.  I showed up to court the scheduled day to explain that I had already given possesion of the house to WF only to find out the attorney and WF had rescheduled the court date to the day before.  When I asked how this could happen and I not be notified I was told they only have to give a 24 hour notice.  The court date was changed late Wednesday for the Thursday date and WF and their attorney mailed my notice to the house they already had possesion of.  I got the notice the following week after it went through the USPS forwarding process.

    Bottom line is I tried to work things out with WF for 6 months.  They passed me around for the six months then filed legal action against me.  They moved the court date knowing I would not be notified.  The courts awarded them property they already had in their possesion and I was labeled as a no-show.  It would have cost me $3500 dollars to have the courts re-hear this issue.   WF would work it out with me, they would rather sue me to take the house I had already given them.

    Well, at least I am no longer a customer of Wells Fargo bank.


    First off and foremost the reqason they lost my business is incompetence or crooked greed!!! they stalled me on my home loan for three months and i thought i was being smart sticking with them.i had banked their for six years!!  i truly beleive now they were trying to buy my house out from under me as i bought a house in a very up and coming area. and they know they could have made money same as me,,they changed my teller three times but neglected to tell me went on for months! about overdraft charges that is an absolute scam now ,,,people are right in the old days the teller would solve these problems in a more intelligent manner,now they just say they cant verify any checks but it f*****g amazing the check cashing place can do it but not the banks which are definitely tied together by computer.its funny when they take money from you it comes out instantly! no matter where the debit originated its amazing they can do that but they cant verify a check?  i wouldnt verify checks either 35.00 a pop im definitely ok with that..           but heres the catch!

    with business just like in our govt,,if people would quit being american sheep..and told them to go to hell! just dont do business with them!

    The central and thomas branch next to bank of america has got to be the worst branch ever,,its easy to see when your in their that management has built a shell around themselves any underlings that dont play or prote0ct the managers job probably get fired!! would i recommend wells fargo hell no !! i still may sue them they send a guy by every month to see if im living in my house still.supposedly never seen him but i get charged 15.00 extra dollars for this mysterious man!!