Toro is the meat the comes from the belly area of a tuna. It is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Toro would definitely be on the list of things I would want to continue to eat if I could only choose a couple of things.

Toro is fattier than other parts of the tuna. It’s not fatty in the same sense that a piece of beef might be fatty. Instead, the fattiness gives Toro an almost buttery flavor.

Toro is also generally one of the more expensive cuts of fish. You can see here that some of these toro sushis are as much as $16 just for 2 pieces.

The price basically reflects where the toro is from. The fattier part is the most expensive. You can see here where the different parts come from. Types 1, 2 are called oh-toro which I believe is the best. Type 3 is called chu-toro which is the middle. I’m not sure what type 4 is but as it doesn’t look as fatty I’m assuming it’s not as yummy.


  • Ev
    Toro is good

    I like toro

  • Kyosuke

    o-toro is the best…nothing like it


  • kum

    yeah toro is king for me i love it.but i want to know more where is best kaitenzushi store type”cheep&oishii toro”…someone please let me know.cheers!

  • torolover

     Toro rules-Try negitoro temaki chopped with green onion

    and a bit of seasame oil and chili (!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Suse

    My fantasy is all-you-can-eat toro. Maybe just a half hour. Suse

  • id
    i approve

    i just got myself 2 pounds of sashimi grade toro. i am going to go spend some quality time with it now.

  • thanks

    thanks for the info. I used it has a source for my post.


  • Guyfromnyc
    gimme toro…

    to quote the Queens of the Stone Age, “Gimme Toro, gimme some more!”

  • lew

    The belly of a fish is where most parasites are found and the fat is where most mercury is stored. Only in tuna sashimi is the belly considered prime cut. Everywhere else it is recommended that the belly be removed and thrown away. The first time I tried Toro I thought it was ok but couldn’t eat more than one piece as it reminded me of eating fish belly, tasted like fish fat. That was about 3 years ago and just today, I know it is actually fish belly, lol! My favorite sashimi is Hamachi. Pease stick to your Toro as I don’t want my Hamichi increasing in price as the demand goes up.

  • squidly

    I had a beige man once try to feed me his Toro, it wasn’t quite right, smelled a little unpleasant, like old cheese.  I am sure that he had tried to feed other people his Toro as well.  I spoke to wise man Webby about this and he said he had to reject the beige Toro he was offered and recounted the same cheesey smell.  I look forward to seeing Toro when it is not beige and smelling like old cheese.

  • DimSim
    Master Dim Sim

    The biggest single piece of Toro I have ever seen was 120kg, admittedly it wasn’t of high grade, actually it was not something you would want to put in your mouth and turned my stomach but it did pose an interesting spectacle at the Acacia Ridge sushimi market.

  • GapTooth
    Mr. Webby McWebster of clan McWebster

    I picked up some bulk Toro from the airport once and it was wonderful.  I really liked the texture, the way my tatse buds responded to the fuller flavours it presented me.  My wife is jealous of my passion for Toro and my insatiable desire for more.

  • Supercoolmanchu
    lew is an idiot

    The belly part of a lot of fish are considered prime cut, including variations of Hamachi. Naturally, the lesser the amount available on a fish — the belly — the more expensive.

  • Nagwa thomas

    I CANT READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • elwap0

    The best thing in my mouth …..oily tuna… box tuna osaka style BOOM!!