Tomorrowland: Disney in Space and Beyond

I’ve been looking for one of these animations since I was a kid with little hope of finding it.  I caught part of one on the Disney Channel a few years ago just buy luck on video once but of course I couldn’t get the VCR started quick enough so I only got the last 1/2 and even then they were only showing part of the original.

Then about a month ago I stumbled on something, I already forgot what, that talked about Dr Werner von Braun working with Walt Disney on videos about space travel so I googled for von Braun and Disney and found out not only had they released a DVD with the animation I was looking for but IT WAS ALREADY OUT OF PRINT!  Fortunately there were some for sale from 3rd parties.  I got my copy today!

The specific animation is called “Mars and Beyond” but in general the animations in the whole series totally inspired me as a kid.  Watching them again makes me just as excited for the future as I was back then.  There’s something about just hearing the voice of the narrator, Dick Tufeld.  He was the narrator for nearly all of Disney’s projects back then including things like the Adventure thru Inner Space ride so his voice was the voice of the future and the voice of science and technology for most of my childhood. 

One disappointment was I assumed another animation I was seeking would be included and it’s not.  The animation shows Disney’s ideas for the future which you’d think would be included in a collection called “Tomorrowland”.  The animation I’m looking for was all about the future and showed things like computer controlled cars that looked like a glass encased living room.  You’d program in a destination then play games or watch TV with your family while the car drove itself to your destination.  Another was an atomic powered tunnel maker that melted through a mountain like butter.  Toward the end of the segment they showed freeways going through the arctic and under the ocean.  They used to show parts of this animation on the Rocket Rods ride at Disneyland.  If you know where I can find a copy please tell me.

  • kongorilla
    Highway of the Future

    I saw the film you’re looking for at the “Psychotronic Film Festival” that KFJC (radio station of Foothill College) puts on semi-annually. It was a 16mm print, though.

    It is a really cool short, even after all these years. Unfortunately, the future never gets here.

  • Leo

    I don’t remember ever seeing these. Looks like something else I’ll have to add to my list.

  • uk_designer_matt

    To be honest I find it hard to go back to most Western cartoons/animation after discovering anime. Akira started me off obviously followed by Ghost in the Shell and then I found Evangelion, that really got me hooked. Recently I was lucky enough to acquire the Cowboy Bebop series and Initial D. The level of detail, emotion and sheer size of these productions puts pretty much everything in the West to shame. I don’t think you could get projects like Evangelion, Initial D, Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho (the list goes on) in the West even though there seems to be a growing market for that kind of entertainment.

  • Jaimerickhurdsfriendlol
    Walt Disney Treasures – Tomorrowland – !!!FOUND!!!

    I recenlty browsed the site late at night and noticed you were looking for the video i saw about 1 year ago. My aunts friend just sold one on eBay, so i did some searching around and found this one for you. It’s Mint condition, which is pretty nice. I also noticed that was all sold out and other sites were all back ordered.

    sry i fergot my tags i should really keep up with that but any hoo. Hope you likes. heres the whole layout also.

    i loved watching these things too. lates

  • Inkydog

    As much as I appreciate the work of Dick Tufeld (who was great as the voice of the B9 robot in Lost in Space), Adventure Thru Inner Space was, in fact, narrated by the great Paul Frees, another great voice talent often used by Disney.