Tommy’s is somewhat famous in Los Angeles.  They’ve become a small chain and there are a couple in O.C.  They make chili burgers and they are some of the greasiest things you’ll ever eat.  They are extremely delicious but you can only eat them about once every 2 months because they are so greasy.  Tommy’s is also open 24 hours.  I don’t know how we did it but when I was in high school my friends and I could eat 4 double cheeseburgers from Tommy’s each.  Note, all burgers come with chili by default.  If you don’t want the chili why are you at Tommy’s?

Directions: There is one on Magnolia just a few buildings south of the 405 next to the Family Fun Center.  Click here for others.

  • anonnanana
    Tommy’s Chili Burgers

    I think it was 4 “single meat” burgers each…4 “doubles” would kill a horse. Tommy’s Burgers are the things I miss most on my low-carb diet. THat and Cold Stone Creamery…

  • thomasebergere

    I believe i stumbled across the secret ingredient one night by accident while cooking in my kitchen making enchiladas. It tasted very close to tommy burger chili. Believe it or not it’s enchilada sauce with some finely puried hamburger meat and some other fixins such as corn starch. I believe some finely puried sausage meat might be the other culprit. I’m on to the family secret just haven’t perfected it yet.

  • tyronebigguns
    dang, i miss Tommy’s

    i’m up here in the sacto area (“nor cal” as the locals call it) and not one Tommy’s to vist.  i’ve gone to one place that claims they “have chili burgers like Tommy’s in so cal”…but alas it is not so.  on a scale of 1-10, 10 being a clone of Tommy’s, they get to a 5-6 on the Tommy scale.  i hope and pray to the chiliburger gods (and of course to Tommy K.) that the nor cal locals will be blessed some day and get a few Tommy’s of their own!

  • rose
    Used to eat there but then I heard….

    from a co-worker that her brother’s friend worked there and found out something highly disturbing. The employees at the Tommy’s on Westminster, CA were adding “special ingredients” to their chili. What is it you might ask? Well, from what I was told every bodily excrements and liquids you can think of. Can’t say this story is 100% true, but enough to make me not eat there anymore.

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