Todai is an all you can eat Japanese buffet.  Lunch is something like $10.   Not a bad price for all you can eat including sushi.  It’s not bad for an all you can eat place.

Directions: There is more than one of these too.  The one I’ve been to is here.   Take Beach Blvd south from the 405 about 6 lights.  Todai is on the right just past Warner.  I’m not sure there is a sign but there is a Fitness Center and Edward’s Charter Center Theaters.  Also Todai is right next to the tallest building within miles.

  • Boxboy

    Friends don’t friends eat sushi off a buffet.

    Do you like the signs posted on the sneezeguard over the spicy tuna “Eating large amounts of this can cause stomach cramps, diarehea, etc” Those are not the exact words, but its pretty close. Why would you eat something like that??!!!!


    Just say no to ANY sushi buffet.

  • For $10, Todai, is not a bad all you can eat place.  But that’s just it, there’s no such thing as a *good* all you can eat place.  Well, that’s not entirely true but mostly.  And I agree, avoid the sushi.

  • JAM
    Todai makes the grade

    Obviously, Boxboy is not a true sushi eater and therefore has no real perspective on this.  Is the sushi at Todai the best in town, probably not, but for the price it is pretty good.  The also have cooked foods for the “softies” out there.  The food is good, the decor is fine, and depending on their hiring practices these days, the hostesses are generally hott!  Try Todai and make your own decision, but I have been there many times and it was always good.