The Ultimate Japanese Otaku PC Case

Last weekend I was in Akihabara and I saw this PC case!

I didn’t have my camera on me so I had to use my cell phone camera which is why the picture is so low-res but then later I found this flyer.


If you are curious, the company that I think makes the small motherboards for these kinds of projects has a home page with lots of people’s custom cases.

  • Django
    It gives new meaning to….

    I’ve got some data to input…

    Put the floppy in the drive…

    I’ve got my hard drive, baby!

    “Serial port”



    Plug it in…




  • anon_littledan
    here’s the guys homepage

    he pretty much rocks. check out PC Case-DIY for a badass gundam one too.

    i got this from a friend a few weeks ago, but didn’t know these were for sale. gregg, do you remember the price, as it seems a bit odd in the pic.