The Ultimate Birthday Party

Just Amazing. My friend Yukari convinced our female friends to all go out and get Chinese dresses and wear them as a surprise for my birthday party. OMG! Amazingly they all picked different colors without coordinating with each other. I can’t thank them enough. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see something that amazing again in my life!

  • OMG

    You’re one smooth character!

  • Rio
    You lucky B@$tard!

    Happy birthday, you have such a wonderful friends!

  • walsh92663

    Happy Birthday Greg and greetings from the OC!

    Do you know of other restaurants here (oc) like Kapo Honda and Honda Ya? I’ve heard this style of food called “Japanese pub food”? Whatever it’s really called, it’s great and a lot of fun to go to with a group of friends. Take care.

  • FnuLnu
    happy birthday Greggman

        Happy birthday Greggman!  An observation on friends:

            “Friends are like butt cheeks.

                 Crap may come between them now and then,

                     but they always get back together.”


  • Leo

    Happy Birthday. Hope ya had a good un

  • gamba





  • osolo

    Er, is this the same guy who was having trouble finding a date in Japan not so long ago?? I don’t 8 chicks who would coordinate a dress up in my honor anywhere (admittedly, I “am” and asshole), so I think you’re doing pretty damn good.

  • afo


  • kuroisoul
    update more

    stop having a life and update more. ive been following your site for years since i was in japan. i support locoroco in my store and tell them about your site :O now you never update :'( well i guess if you didnt have a life youd have nothing to update about… but…

  • Derek

    Pity you couldn’t have dressed up for them…………….