The Nostalgic Screensaver

I recently made a screensaver for Windows which I call the Nostalgic Screenaver.

Basically it takes folder of images and displays them slowly zooming in, zooming out and panning over each image while crossfading between them. This gives the effect you often see in documentaries and biography programs where they show lots of still pictures from the past.

Check it out!

I find it very mesmerizing. I have slideshow programs including my javascript/html based program Thumbs but for some reason that zooming/panning action really makes it seem like I’m looking at something more interesting than when I just look at them sitting still.

Note: It requires Direct X 8.0 which you can download from the Windows update site and it also requires the Windows Installer which is built into most new versions of Windows but might be missing on your particular machine.

  • anon_probono

    Did Apple copy this from you? 😉 it is the standard screensaver in Mac OS X. I did a lot of web searching to get this effect for my PC. IF I ONLY COULD ADD mp3 AND MAKE A .EXE TO SEND THE SLIDESHOW TO MY FRIENDS!!!

  • Finally
    Finally found the PC version of this screensaver

    Ever since I saw the Mac screensaver that crossfades, I’ve been wanting it for the PC.  This was really hard to find but I’m really happy that I found it.  Spread the word!  I hope you decide to continue to develop this fantastic program

  • Tim

    Ok, I just wanna say this screen saver is exactly what I was looking for. Now i don’t need to shell the 1500 for a mac 😛

  • Tadashi

    I should sue your @ss for copyright infringement 🙂

    I’m the guy who originally checked that into the buildtrain for OS X 10.0 — Steve demo’d my code at Macworld SF 2001…

  • I love it

    I’m a photographer, and I use it for my favorite shots.


  • DRock
    Mac inspired, PC desired

    I’ve always liked this screensaver on the MAC, fortunately all it took was one search on google and your program popped up 🙂  Good stuff man, thank you for making this, and thank you VERY much for making it free.  I happen to have dual monitors…I can’t believe it even supports THAT.  Wow…thanks again.

  • Barbara

    ARe you going to make this available again soon?  I have friends who would like it.


  • oops

    it should be back up

  • Woweee!!

    Been looking for this for a lonnng time– makes my pictures sing!!

    Funny that I happened upon both you and another screensaver that aims to copy the desired Macintosh slideshow/screensaver. Here’s the link to it- maybe you guys could compare notes/join forces? 🙂 He’s not at the dual monitor support stage yet, but he’s integrated mp3/cd playback, panning and all sorts of sliders and customizations.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  • David

    Very Nice.  I just have one feature request.  I am not sure how this is done, but some programs can read an attribute of jpeg files to know if the file is portrait or landscape.  It would be great if this could be used to correctly display portrait shots. 

  • MH
    Load very slow on large photo directories

    First, great product. Second, is there any way you can pre-index the files because I have huge collection of photos and every time the saver launches it takes several mins before it shows because it searching thru the sub-directories.

    Pls and thx.

  • nostalgic improvements

    Hi, love the screensaver, have used it for years!

    I have a few ideas that I hope you’d consider if you ever update Nostalgic again.

    Black and white/sepia color overlays, to give it that really really history channel nostalgic look

    Make it ignore files that have their properties set to ‘Hidden’ – I’ve got thousands of images that I’ve gotten from all over the web set up in nostalgic but there’s the odd 1 or 2 spring break photos that I really wish I could quickly make nostalgic ignore. Setting them to hidden should be able to do that.

    Sometimes while I’m watchin nostalgic I might see a photo or drawing that I haven’t seen in literally years and I really wish there was some sort of keyboard shortcut that I could press that would copy the path to that file into the clipboard so I could paste it into the run box and finally find that long lost photo….or just have nostalgic save a little text file of the images it showed during its last session every time it quits

    Could it be just a little bit more random? I often see the same images 4 or 5 times in the space of 3 minutes.

    Could you make nostalgic available as a stand alone application as well as a screensaver. Sometimes I like to give little presentations using it and it just seems odd setting it up from the display control panel

  • DavidO

    thinsoldier has some great suggestions there.

    I second the idea of a standalone application, especially if I could send it a path from the command line – that way I could make Nostalgic my default photo viewer within a Media Center front end.

  • PDS
    Would you consider another release… please?

    First up, thanks greggman for a great screensaver!

    I have been checking back every few months to see if you had considered releasing an update, specifically with one or two things that people have mentioned?

    The only reason that I sometimes use other screensavers is that I like to be able to “show” my photographs, and if someone asks me about one, I can’t go back to see a previous one. A hotkey that allows to see the previous image would be great.

    If you did decide to include a few hotkeys, I would also suggest a hotkey to show the image title somewhere. This saves the effort of the “little text file” suggestion, and still allows us to find that “long lost image.” Anyway, thanks for a great program, and keep up the good work.

    All the best,

    – PDS

  • how much

    ok. I’m tired of waiting 🙁

    How much money would you want to update the screen saver and maybe make it available as a regular executable?

  • I am aware of the Nostalgic Screensaver not for so long – five moonth ago. Now I am looking for its analog for Windows 7. If I will not succeed in it, I will write it on my owm. Thank you for a great idea. I will mention your authorship, Gregg.!

  • craig

    this is brilliant!

  • dentapol dentapol

    I’ve just tried to use it in XP mode on Win 7 and it works 🙂 too much zooming of images, in my opinion, even with the scaling settings at minimum. but v.good program anyway 🙂