Back to Baltimore

Today I went back to Baltimore. I hadn’t been there in 23 years. I lived there at 19 when I ran away from college with my first girlfriend. I lived there 3 years from 84 to 86 and worked at M.U.S.E. and Microprose.

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Blogging Software

It’s come time for me to do something about my blog because lately I’ve been getting a 15 to 1 comment spam. That means about for every 1 real comment get 15 comments that are spam. The really annoying thing is they are typed by live people who attempt to leave a comment that sounds relevant, but then they leave a link to some website that makes it clear it’s not a real comment. That it’s just spam.
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What I’ve been working on

If you want to know what I’ve been working on, see this blog entry in the other part of my website.

Googling my life away

As of May 5th I started a job at Google in Mountain View. I can’t say what I am working on as it is still top secret but I can say it REALLY REALLY wanted to work on it which is why I took the job. Read more…

Adult Story #3

I’m not sure this is really an “adult” story and the names have been changed even though anyone who this story might affect already knows this story

Once upon a time, I think in February 2003 I was living in Tokyo.

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Visiting Tokyo

In the beginning of October I spent 10 days in Tokyo.

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A Very Happy Birthday to Me!

Sometimes it seems like I’m the luckiest guy on the planet.

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Pain in the Tooth

So I went to the dentist last week. The last time I went was only 7 months ago, just before I left Japan but about 2 months ago I had a couple of episodes where something got caught in my teeth in the back and it hurt pretty bad. It would pop out and feel better but then a week or so later something would get in there again. Finally it happened once where it hurt a lot and when I brush in the area there was a lot of blood. My toothbrush came out completely red. I though maybe a filling and fallen out or something so I made a quick dentist appointment.

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Shanghai bound

So I’ve decided to visit Shanghai. I’ll only be there a few days. I get in Sunday September 30th and leave on October 4th. That basically gives me 4 nights and 3 days.

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Life in America (or at least San Francisco)

Some of my friends have been complaining I haven’t been updating my blog. There’s a bunch of reasons not the least of which is I now live back in the USA so I don’t really have much of interest to share. When I lived in Japan I felt like I was sharing things friends might want to know or at least not have easy access to but now anything I share is just random thoughts. I guess the blog part of my site though has always been random thoughts but then again I think the motivation to update it is not there like it was living abroad.

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