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Attack of the Quickies

Here’s just a bunch of random sites I’ve found over the last few months. There’s vidoes.antville.org which is a play for people to post links to *cool* music videos. There’s enthu.cool.ne.jp which is a bbs with links to funny or interesting pictures, animations and flash stuff. Some of it’s pretty funny. Warning: adult content.

Dot16 v.s. Guimp, FIGHT!

dot16 wrote me to tell me they are now the *real* smallest website having stolen the throne from Guimp. I had mostly forgotten about Guimp but checking them out they are clearly aware of dot16. ๐Ÿ˜€

Spots TV

While I was searching for that Sumo commercial after seeing it on the Japanese news I found SpotsTV.com which is kind of like the dead Adcrtic.com used to be. It’s not in English but you can sometimes get your commercial fix ๐Ÿ˜‰

Top Amazon Wished for Items

Check out Daypop’s new Amazon’s top Wish Lists. It will show you what all the bloggers are wishing as well as a slew of other stuff. Kind of interesting what people are wishing for. Some items are broken out like books and music. It’s interesting to me that 30 years later the Beatles are still […]

16 hours in Home Depot

Would you spend 16 hours in a Home Depot on a bet and then the next day paint your face with peanut butter and frosting and walk around the local mall?

Truth in Advertising

Procrasting as usual I found this video through #!/usr/bin/girl from a short movie about Truth in Advertising. I’d like to see the whole thing. Note: Rated R for language.

Urban Legends Proved or Debunked

Danny posted this article about how this picture is false along with lots of other funny pictures but through that page I came upon this way cool site all about Urban Legends and whether or not they are true.

Internet Drive Thru

Starting Today you can now order fast food from the net and pick up the order at Mos Burger. McDonald’s biggest competitor in Japan. I think a few small places have done that in the U.S. but no big chains as far as I know. But, they are not pushing it as ordering from work. […]


I found out about Rubys today. That’s a ruby? It’s the text that appears above or below some other text, kind of like a subscript or superscript. It’s used in Japanese alot for pronounciation guides since there’s know way to know the pronounciation of a word written in Kanji For example the following sentence. ไปŠๆ—ฅ(ใใ‚‡ใ†)้›ป(ใงใ‚“)่ปŠ(ใ—ใ‚ƒ)ใซไน—(ใฎ)ใฃใŸ. […]