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Personal Kaiten Sushi

You want kaitenzushi but you don’t want to go out? Just pick up this “Family Kaitenzushi” toy from Bandai. I saw it at Toys-R-Us for under 4000yen ($35) You know you want it!

Lego Home Stereo

This company is selling a Lego brand home stereo. It’s only a CD player but it has AUX in as well. You can purchase extra “box”es that plug on to hold CDs and the coolest thing is the remote is a 2×4 lego block where each nub is one remote button. 😉


Check out C-Bot from Sega Toys. He (there’s a she model too) can wake you up, say good bye when you leave for the day, greet you when you come home, etc. He can also connect to your cell phone and you can send and receive messages to your friends that have C-Bots including programming […]


Is this the new tamagottchi? Well, not really but they are kind of cute. You smack them on the head with your pencil in a kind of morse code like fashion and they make different expressions and become *different* characters. I couldn’t find an official homepage but I did find this.