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New Editor / New E-mail

Other than sending your e-mail address to a zillion companies, the best way to go about getting lots of e-mail is to have your email address appear on a webpage somewhere on the web. The reason is the spammers write programs to read every page on the web, save every e-mail address they find and […]

Parappa Contest #2

It’s time for Parappa contest #2. Here’s what I’m giving away this time. They are very small Parappa post-its. When I say small, the package is designed to fit in a small organizer so the post-its are like 1×1 inch or so each. Very cute. 😉

New Comment System

I added a new comment system so I’m not longer using we::blog. We::blog is great but I think I out grew it. I was not really using it for a blog but instead for a comment system and in that sense there were various reasons to make my own but I had been too lazy. […]

Parappa Giveaway

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while just for fun and that is have a give away for stuff that I think is cool that is hard to find in the states so, here’s my first one.  If it doesn’t end up taking too much of my time I’ll do another.

Redesign #5

Why I don’t know but I re-designed my site again. I think this is about the 5th time. The older ones are still there. For example the last design and the one before that. Originally the idea was that with just a CSS change I could reformat it in lots of styles but as far […]


A couple of weeks ago I decided to try to make some splash pages for my website. The results are now up. The splash image should change about once a week. If you hate splash pages, well, post a comment and maybe I’ll either (1) get rid of them or (2) add a special URL […]