It makes no sense to me how bad Japanese food is in America. Especially in L.A. and S.F. there are large enough populations of native Japanese peoples that you’d think there would be some good restaurants. Although there are some good sushi places, almost without fail anything that is not sushi in pretty craptacular. There are a few places that are okay but none have been true Japanese food.

That is until now. Wakasanchi is 100% authentic. Everything I was given was not in the least bit out of place from my experiences in Tokyo. The “Omakase” or leave it to the chef thing might be a little off putting for some but I think it’s for the best because unless you’ve lived in Japan you would not know what or how to order.

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Bio Ojiyan Cafe

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but the last couple of months before I left Japan the Bio Ojiyan Cafe became one of my favorite cafes.
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Ay-Chung Noodle (阿宗麵線)

I’ve looked for food like this since I moved to the Bay area. This is the first place to actually deliver.

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Best of Thai Noodle

I don’t know of it’s authentic and I don’t know how to the noodles are but if you want something to come back for at Best of Thai Noodle, order their “roast duck over rice”. That is heaven on a plate. I keep thinking I should order something else but I know my friend is going to order the duck over rice and then I’m going to be jealous.

I have had their larb and their fishcake salad. They were both unsurprising (read good but not exceptional) Their chicken wings in their appetizer section were pretty tasty too.

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My experience with ramen in the states continues to disappoint. Kahoo was no exception. The noodles sucked. Not even close to authentic ramen noodles.

On the other hand I ordered the tantanmen and on the one hand it was not what I consider tantanmen. Good tantanmen, at least the kind I like, should have the consistancy of mud. It should be seriously thick and opaque. On the other hand even though this tantanmen was soupy it was pretty tasty which made me want to drink the whole bowl.

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Santa Ramen

It really makes me said how bad ramen is in America. 7 years in Japan taught me how good ramen can be. Now that I’m back in the states I get people telling me how good places like Santa Ramen are. I then go try them only to find they are about high school cafeteria quality in taste compared to the real thing in Tokyo. (yes, I know ramen is actaully Chinese food)

I ordered the Santa Ramen Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen. The meat was cold and flavorless. The soup was barely passible as Tonkotsu based and the noodles seemed more like spagetti than ramen noodles.

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Vietnam Frog

If you want Vietnamese food you could probably do better than here.

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More Kiwa / tantan-men goodness!

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Chinese Cafe Eight

I was looking through a guide of late night places in Tokyo and Chinese Cafe Eight was on the list. I had wanted to check it out just a couple of weeks before I read it was open 24 hours when I passed by it with some friends so I finally went and checked it out.

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I'm in love with Tantan-men and this is a good place to get it.

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