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100Megbits gone mainstream

For about 2 years now Tokyo has had 100 megabit internet service for about $50 a month except it was through a smaller company called usen. Now that same service is available through NTT, the AT&T of Japan. NTT’s price is about $50 a month. Usen has responded by lowering their price to about $32 […]

8megabits for $9 a month

As the rest of you hillbillies are using your 56K modems for $20 a month or your 768K ADSL connections for $50 a month, Yahoo Japan is now offering 8 MEGA BITS ADSL for $9 a month according to this page. I wonder if I should switch.

JPEG 2000

JPEG 2000 is looking pretty way cool. I wonder how long it will be before we can make pages using it and not have to worry that some large percentage of people can’t view them.

36meg wireless!!!

So today I played with 36meg wireless connections to the web. Actually I’m writing this message from one. NTT has a trial running where they have several notebook computers setup throughout Tokyo with their new 36meg wireless internet service. One of those locations happens to be the snackbar at Digital Hollywood. I’m not sure when […]