Increase your strength by biting

I see alot of random stuff on Japanese TV. Today’s was the claim that biting on a tissue increases your strength. Take a tissue, fold it in half, then once again, then again, then the last 2 times fold in half the short way so you end up with a tissue pad about 4 inches wide by 1/2 an inch thick. Now put it between your teeth and as you do something strenuous, bite down on the tissue, just like most people clench their teeth when straining say to pick something up.

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Ass Surgery

You gotta read this. It could save you life or at least lots of discomfort. When you are done with that you might also read this one.

Monosodium Glutamate (or eating crow)

I should know better as I always put my foot firmly in my mouth in these kind of situations but somehow at lunch today the issue of MSG came up. As I have never noticed a personal reaction to MSG and I happen to like food that has it added I don’t have a problem with it but I know that lots of people claim it’s a problem for them. I mentioned this to some friends and one of them told me that it wasn’t true. MSG has been proven to have no known side effects. Being pretty sure of myself as I usually am I thought “they must be crazy, I’ve read all about it”.

I told them so :-s and suggested that I could bring in proof from the net. They said that’s cool but we agreed no random net references. They had to be from medical journals.

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